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By: Forever Epic Films  09-12-2011

Services Offered

  • RED Camera rentals, operating etc.
  • Canon 7D HDSLR cinema kit
  • HD camera operating
  • DMT (data management technician) for 7D, HVX and REDONE
  • multi-camera shoots
  • sub-rentals for all production equipment
  • hiring of cast and crew
  • production insurance up to $2 million
  • equipment rental insurance
  • script editing
  • post-production
  • conversions for streaming\web video etc.

Specializing in Camera and Lighting

Forever Epic Films specializes in camera and lighting. Creating a “film look” is our specialty. Whether it’s using the 24p cinelike settings on the HVX200 or crushing the depth of field with a cine-lense adapter, we do it all!

We can also get deals on the new REDONE camera system for complete kits starting at just $500/day and up.

We have also just added the Canon 7D to our equipment.


With dozens of projects under its belt and numerous of scripts, Forever Epic Films is the perfect place to get help developing a project. We take your script idea, treatment, or first draft and take it to the next phase of production by assisting with story editing and script development. Our experience in producing projects with a variety of budgets means we can help you turn your story into a film or video with your specific budget in mind.


Over the years, Forever Epic Films has helped produce many projects of all types. We know how to negotiate contracts for everything from location rentals to catering. For example, we have accounts with prop houses and costume rental shops across the GTA and can help you find everything you need to bring your project through pre-production to it’s next phase.


With our network of talented and experienced crews and our long standing relationships with rental houses we have all the contacts to make the production of your project a breeze. Whether you need a boom op with his own gear or a team of professional and skilled grip and lighting technicians we know where to get them all.

As well, Forever Epic Films has “Producers Insurance” of up to $2 million liability (the minimum needed to get City of Toronto Permits) as well as equipment rental insurance (necessary for renting gear at the larger rental houses in the city). Your project, big or small is covered by our plan. This means that with Forever Epic Films as your production company, you can rent gear from anywhere in the city, rent virtually any location you want and be protected financially. You can also safely hire professional crews and actors without risk.


Over the last 5 years we have dealt with many of the post-production houses located in Toronto. In fact, Toronto is famous in the industry for having some of the best post houses in the world. However, if your budget is small we can find you highly skilled free lancers for budget conscious producers. From picture editing to post sound mixing to colour correction, we know where to find the people who will finish your project professionally, on budget and on time.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011