By: Forethought Risk  09-12-2011

Financial Risk Assessment

What financial risks does your organization have exposure to and what is the magnitude of those risks?

Forethought Risk has experience trading a broad array of assets and we can help you quantify exposure to various risk including:

Foreign Exchange - importing or exporting of goods or services entails currency risk

Interest Rate - borrowing or lending contains risk to changes in interest rates

Commodities - exposure to commodities can be found in several sectors of the economy including housing, chemicals and transportation

Liquidity - manage your cash flow to ensure that a bank freeze does not impact your business

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Pension Fund Managers

This analysis can ensure investment managers remain consistent in their strategies and do not veer from their core strengths without previous consent from the fund. Similarly, a fixed income manager hired for its core capabilities in credit analysis, should not assume consistent duration exposure. An equity manager with a consistent record for stock-picking should not be exposing the fund to market-timing trades.


Asset Managers

With over 60 years of portfolio and risk management experience, we know that numbers alone cannot paint the entire risk picture. We dig deeper to find the real sources of risk and can provide actionable, tradeable advice to hedge or minimize those risks. Forethought Risk can provide a top-notch outsourced middle office solution to your organization.