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By: Foresttalk  09-12-2011

Andrew Fedora, executive director of the Federation of Nova Scotia Woodland Owners, who also is on the steering committee of the National Task-force set up for the pest, is expressing his concern about the recent discovery of Brown Spruce Longhorn beetle in New Brunswick.

“If the maritime region isn’t perceived to be doing all it can do to prevent the spread of that bug, then that could severely restrict trade relations with the U.S.,” he said. “It doesn’t have a passport, and with that, there’s a threat of tighter regulations.”

The brown spruce longhorn beetle is very invasive, more invasive than it is destructive. After a beetle is found in a new area, a one kilometre wide quarantine zone is place, restricting the movement of all spruce roundwood, bark, and chips.

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The Ignace project is consistent with AbitibiBowater’s overall strategy of achieving greater efficiency with existing assets, focused growth and building on proven competencies, according to Richard Garneau, President and Chief Executive Officer of AbitibiBowater.


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Network participants will come from such sectors as the chemical, energy, pharmaceutical, auto, aerospace, and plastics industries as well as other technology providers that can collaborate with the forest products industry on extracting bio-chemicals, bio-energy and bio-materials from trees.


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More specifically, CoC certification enables clients to track forest products through all stages of the production process, from the forest to the shelf, including the manufacturing, converting and distribution stages. The FSC, an international non-profit organization, is dedicated to promoting the environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests.


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This year’s report is the first prepared by the company using the G3 guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative , one of the world’s most broadly accepted standards for accountable and transparent sustainability reporting. I’m proud of how far Resolute has progressed in becoming a stronger, more sustainable organization, but we know we need to keep doing better year after year,” said Richard Garneau, President and Chief Executive Officer.


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The court appointed monitor, Ernst & Young, along with NewPage Port Hawkesbury, Sanabe & Associates, and legal counsel, are evaluating the offers and will narrow them down to 2 by Friday. It is not known whether any of the 8 bidders are interested in operating the mill, or parts of the mill, or if they are seeking to liquidize the mill’s assets.


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I am pleased to announce Canada’s support for this initiative, which complements other Canadian humanitarian assistance efforts in the aftermath of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami,” said Minister Oliver. The Reconstruction Project will help Japan rebuild some of its public facilities using wood and enable residents to move forward after these devastating natural disasters..