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By: Footlogic  09-12-2011
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Enjoy the ones of the oldest natural healing art!

                                             Foot Reflexology    

Foot reflexology is a natural healing art. This is treatment targets at reflex points on your feet. The therapist will work on your both legs, from the knee to the toe to reduce stress and improve body circulation. metabolism and Chi (energy flow). Also, your therapist will work your entire body through your feet including organs, lymph and various glands. Your body muscles will feel relaxed during the session, and afterward -  you will feel a deep relaxation, inner balancing and refreshment of your systems for your overall health.

                                                                           Upper Body Massage                                    

Our upper body massage is an unique technique combined with reflexology, acupressure and shiatsu applying on your head, ears, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and back. This treatment performs while you are in a sitting position - the best position for the therapist to focus on your upper body. During the session, the therapist will work on the stiff and sick muscles along your neck, shoulders, back, head, arms & hands aiming to promote an instant but deep relaxation. The treatment relieves pain, tension, stress and fatigue by the problem-oriented manipulation. It helps to treat the related ailments like sore neck, stiff shoulders, weak arms, tired hands, headache and migraine.

                                                              Full Body Shiatsu

Our body shiatsu and is non-invasive physical therapies that stimulate the body’s own healing powers. T hrough a combination of stretching and pressuring on specific points and channels on the body, this treatment promotes an immediate intensive relaxation throughout your whole body. The treatment softens and loosens the stiff muscles on a deep-tissue level for better circulation and metabolism. It boosts the Chi (energy flow) by clearing the blockages along its channels. The treatment also relieves pain, fatigue and discomfort by the  problem-oriented manipulation. This is a perfect preventive health schedule for all age groups.


Thcrystal mud spa solution aids in soothing and relaxing your body. The wonderful fragrance of herbal extracts takes you to a different world. The natural ingredients work towards rejuvenating your tired muscles and refreshing your feet.

Keywords: Foot Reflexology, Muscles, Natural Healing Art, Shoulders, Therapies

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