I Heart Faces : Niki Martins Photography

By: Focus On You Photography  09-12-2011

For this week, I was able to find this picture of my spunky, three year old, busting a gut!

I love this picture of her, as she is not a huge fan of the camera.

(Her mom, a.k.a me, might have taken one too many pictures of her)

So to capture Lia enjoying herself is, pretty much, amazing.


 I know she did :)

lots of love,


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Contests : Niki Martins Photography

Now I know none of us like the pictures that are taken at the end of the race…we are red, sweaty, and our face is usually in some form of pain or total concentration. I wanted to give one lucky runner some great pictures that capture their love for running. Who push yourself to do things that the average human isn’t willing to do. So, a while back, I had a contest for “runners”. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all.


Tips for Tuesday : Niki Martins Photography

Sun flare is when you are facing the sun (not directly…this can hurt your image sensor) and when you take the shot you have all of these beautiful dots of light. For this week’s tip, I wanted to help you all get great pictures of the yummy food you will be eating…however, I do no profess to be a food photographer. Is one of my favorite things to do when I am trying to be creative with my photography.


Familes : Niki Martins Photography

My first love is, my best friend, Flavio, who is from Brasil…which, I will admit, is really cool. Each one has taught me how to be a better person, and I am truly grateful for each one of them. I love Micheal Jackson and can’t help but dance whenever I hear one of his songs. I love the rain, hiking and hanging out with my awesome family.


Engagements : Niki Martins Photography

When looking through my plethora of pictures, there are so many cute, beautiful, wonderful and funny smiles that I have had the opportunity to capture…so once again, picking just one for I Heart Faces was very hard. I hope that when you see this picture, not only does it convey the “smile” I Heart Faces wants, but I hope it leaves you smiling as well. However, when I saw this photo, I knew this one had to be the one I would enter.