Leadership Development

By: Focus Leadership  09-12-2011

Our capabilities for your organization

We know business is not usual any more. 

Leaders today are grappling with unprecedented  complexity, unrelenting speed, and episodic crises that
keep changing the game.

Leadership development is more essential than ever..

even as leaders are more stretched and stressed than ever, and funds for developing great leaders grow scarce.

In our view, great leaders are whole leaders:

transformational leaders who can find the future, reset their business models, influence others, engage their teams, inspire and align their organization, optimize paradoxes, and manage their own energy for the long run. A tall order, to be sure, yet whole leaders can be developed. And we know how to do it.

Our approach to added value:

By reducing the risk of partial leadership, and helping leaders learn their way through significant business challenges, we create value for your business. Our programs pay back more than they cost – and we can measure it. 

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We were asked for a practical handbook, and now we're producing it..one topic every two weeks throughout 2011, starting with A is for Awareness on January 15. Each issue is rich in research, stories, and practical applications of the energy patterns to best practices in management and leadership. Guaranteed to add laughter and insight to any group activity. FEBI Assessments for Certified Users. Move to Greatness - The Book.


Focus Leadership - move to greatness book

Move to Greatness shows you how you can escape the pitfalls of partial leadership and literally move to the greatness of being wholly effective and better balanced. You'll learn what natural strengths you can leverage, and how to uncover the pattern that moves you beyond current limits. Move to Greatness maps the way through these profound patterns of personality that interlink mind, body, and behavior. Building Your Own Best Practices.


Start the Mini-FEBI

The Mini-FEBI, while not having the psychometric rigor of the full instrument, is designed to give you a peek into the possibilities of your most preferred pattern - i.e., your "Home" pattern - as well as the one you use least, which is identified as a potential "Risk Area". See if you can guess your weakest pattern or "Risk Area.