FM:Systems Implementation Services for IWMS

By: Fmsystems  09-12-2011

Once the Needs Analysis is complete - FM:Systems' consulting team can help guide your organization through the implementation process. Whether provided directly from FM:Systems or from one of our qualified Solution Providers, a thorough understanding and execution of IWMS implementation includes several aspects such as:

Data Integration

A successful FM:Interact implementation should integrate and share data from and with different sources throughout your organization. This is accomplished by establishing the data source “owners”. A good example is integrating FM:Interact with the Human Resources database to get employee names, department, and other information. The IWMS system in turn will provide the employees location ID to the HR database. FM:Systems can help you link the FM:Interact to other systems in your organization to increase the effectiveness and distribute the benefits of your system.

Database Configurations

Although FM:Interact is a robust and highly configurable system out of the box, we understand that you may not have the resources to make the system integrate with your business processes. We can work with you to configure FM:Interact to your needs to further develop the unique preferences at your organization. The inherent flexibility of the software design guarantees configurations will migrate to future versions, ensuring your investment will last.

Custom Reporting

The internal reporting engine provided within FM:Interact is ideal for generating a wide range of reports with it’s intuitive, flexible layout. However, we recognize that some organizations want to develop much more complicated reports. FM:Systems can create custom reports by integrating with advanced reporting tools such as Crystal Reports.

Other products and services from Fmsystems


Asset Management Module

Track and then easily locate on floorplans corporate assets such as furniture, equipment, computers, life safety systems, building systems and artwork. Track ownership and product information such as serial numbers and installation dates. Fully integrate asset ownership and redeploy into the Move Management Module. Track asset depreciation for financial reporting and compliance.


Strategic Planning

By entering estimates such as headcount and space needs, the Strategic Planning Module lets you create multiple “what if” scenarios and get a visual depiction of what your space and occupancy might look like years into the future. Not only does it take the pain out of planning, but it helps you align your space portfolio with the business requirements of your organization.


FM:Systems Services for IWMS

We will work with your organization to establish goals, monitor milestones and recommend enhancements and processes to optimize your investment. For organizations of all types and sizes, managing workplace information is critical to improving customer service and driving down costs. Our goal is to provide customers with expertise to ensure successful implementation and ongoing operation of their system.


Move Management

Whether you’re moving just one person, co-locating a cross-functional group or reorganizing an entire location, you can rely on the Move Management Module to reduce move costs and deliver better service. Improve communications and streamline your move processes with the FM:Interact Move Management Module. Provide Web-based access for move planners, liaisons, internal customers and service providers.