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By: Flytecomm  09-12-2011
Keywords: Cad Systems, emergency communication

FlyteComm's latest Guardian™ service has improved real-time situational awareness, monitoring, and alerts to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP's) that want to share resources, improve mutual-aide and speed incident and closet-force emergency response.


Guardian takes static and real-time situational data from 9-1-1 Emergency Communication Center CAD systems, aggregates it into a database, applies business logic and policies based on customer permissions, and displays text data graphically. This gives an integrated view of neighboring jurisdictions, incident status and equipment through a web-based portal that can be securely accessed from any internet enabled PC.

FlyteComm’s Guardian includes the ability to achieve an unprecedented level of Emergency Operations Center support by including the geospatial mapping of critical infrastructure and supported Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) display information.

This new service meets the National Incident Management System (NIMS) Presidential directive for regional “resource management, inventorying, mobilizing, dispatching, tracking and recovering resources over the life cycle of an incident.”

Dispatchers, responders, and decision makers in the field get information that is updated every 3 to 25 seconds. For the first time, all participants involved in incident management have a real-time regional view (including neighboring jurisdictions) of incidents and resources available for mutual-aid and closest-force response.

The display shows, at a glance, whether a fire station is manned or unmanned and if it is in operation on a full-time or part-time basis. The user can also see the number of personnel, as well as the status and availability of units and apparatus. Incident managers can ensure that the best resource is dispatched to an incident.

Dispatchers: Guardian automatically keeps all of the public safety stakeholders in synch. 9-1-1 call center team members have access to current CAD data, which is also published to the field, improving dispatch and response coordination.

Command and Control: Guardian helps with Resource Management and Decision Support by providing the real-time location and status of every incident, unit and piece of apparatus.Field Unit Commanders: Guardian helps the Dispatcher and Field Units improve response time and assure that the “best” responder and equipment are dispatched via CAD to an incident particularly

Guardian is a highly affordable service that is billed annually and requires no capital expenditures, which is important during tight budget discussions.

Unlike client/server solutions, it is a hosted application service that lets PSAP’s share information without installing server software. All costs are identified before you purchase. Maintenance is included in the cost. Modular in design, agencies can add connections to additional PSAP’s incrementally, building a regional data sharing network one step at a time.


To get started, PSAP's need to:
  • Establish a data feed from the CAD system to the FlyteComm service.
  • Apply the business rules that determine the information displayed.
  • Train the users. The application aligns so closely with the way the user works today, training usually takes less than four hours.

The Guardian graphical interface is designed to reduce visual clutter. Users can customize or "personalize" their mission view of the graphical interface turning information into intelligence for faster comprehension making and actionable results.

Because FlyteComm’s federal customers require access to its service during emergencies, FlyteComm has been authorized by its federal agency customers and other data providers to maintain operations during a national emergency. This means that during a national emergency, when other services are down, FlyteComm’s users will be up.

FlyteComm’s data, application, and site security meet the requirements demanded by its Federal Law Enforcement customers and are audited bi-annually. Because of all the need to maintain the strictest security, specific information will be made available as appropriate.

The Company provides telephone support and maintains 24 x 365 monitoring of its servers and processes. Established support and escalation processes assure that the average problem resolution time is less than 15 minutes.

Guardian is accessible from any Internet-connected Windows PC running Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher and Adobe™ Flash v9 or higher.

To learn more about Guardian or arrange for a personal demonstration, call 650.404.8100 x5900

Keywords: Cad Systems, emergency communication

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