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By: Float Master  09-12-2011
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                 Float Master Strike Indicators   (scroll down to see more products)

    The product line consists of strike indicators molded from high density polystyrene.  This light weight durable material is a very bouyant type of dense foam molded in both Round and Teardrop shapes.  There are five different sizes in each shape and I'm sure that you will find a size to fill your every need.  The convenient thing about this product is how simple they are to use as they attach to your line using a piece of interchangable natural latex rubber tubing.  The natural latex rubber tubing is also very durable, and proud to say that All of our products are made in America.
The strike indicators are available in packages of (4) per pack in sizes 3/8" teardrops,  3/8" rounds, and 1/2" rounds.  Everything else starting with the 1/2" teardrops and the 5/8" rounds thru the 3/4" sizes in both shapes, are available in packages of 3 indicators per package.  The 1" Rounds and 1" Teardrops are packaged Two Indicators per pack.  All packages include the proper amount of tubing per indicator and cut to proper length.   We do sell spare tubing in case you lose a few or wear them out. The packages of spare tubing consist of  (10) pieces and cut to lengths of 1 1/4" long.  This is more than adequte for all the indicators, with the only exception being the 1" teardrops.  This is a very large indicator and has it's own specific larger sized tubing to deliver the strength needed to retain this indicator on your line.  There is spare tubing available for the 1" teardrop indicators as well.  In search of  Strike Indicators that won't slip and slide on your leader?  Float Master Products is just what you're looking for.  You can apply them in seconds even to a pre-existing rig.  It's not necessary to cut anything off of your line to apply them or remove them, saving you time with your set-up and increasing your fishing time.   Want to adjust your depth?  Just moisten the leader in the water and then adjust  the indicator up or down the line.  It will hold tight right where you leave it.  No kinks left in the leader either.

                       Strike Indicator Kits                 Oganization    Versatility     Value




      Versatility was the target when assembling the three different strike indicator kits offered here.  Water conditions change quickly and quite often when fishing different locations on every body of flowing water.  A wide variety of indicators has been assembled in these six compartment organized boxes to offer the best selection of products for a successful day of fishing for every water condition.
      The Skinny Waters Kit offers the two smallest sizes of indicators in the product line, 3/8" & 1/2" , 16 indicators total. A perfect kit for fishing small flies with no or very little weight added to the line or when the fish are on the Shy Bite.   A  Three Inch Round, Six  Compartment Box. 
      The Round Flowing Waters Kit is the most versitle of the three offerings.  This kit includes the sizes of 3/8" , 1/2" &  5/8" indicators all in a Four Inch Round, Six Compartment Box, 20 indicators total.  A  kit  that meets most water conditions and able to support light to midweight flies or when adding small amounts of weight to the line. 
      The Retangular Shaped Flowing Waters Kit has eighteen indicators in all. Assembled for fishing a variation in water depths and current speeds of any pace that's fishable and to support medium to larger sized flies or when adding light to heavier weight applied to the line.  This kit has 1/2", 5/8"  & 3/4"  indicators. 
Any one of the strike indicator kits will easily fit into the chest pocket of your chest high waders making it easy for you to have access to all of the indicators you carry.
Each kit has the proper amount of  interchangeable rubber tubingcut to proper length for each indicator, an instruction card with written instructions on the front and a simple three step graphic illustration on the back.  All of the kits offer the best selection of indicators at a valued savings.                                                                                                    All these kits will save you $10.00 each if everything were purchased separately.

                                     Replacement Tubing   Never Leave Home Without It

   Extra Tubing is a good thing to have with you on the water, especially if you lose the supplied tubing in the weeds or river while trying to apply the indicators to your line.  The tubing floats by itself and if you're fast you can reach down to the water and scoop it up.  If you neglect to moisten the rubber tubing before you put it to use then you will shorten it's life expectancy by more than half.  The tubing used to attach the indicators to your line is made from Natural Latex.  The Small Diameter Tubing is pictured here and can be purchased in packs of Ten Pieces that measure 1 1/4" long per each piece.  This tubing fits All the Round Indicators ( 3/8" Thru 1" Round ) and the Teardrop Indicators in sizes ( 3/8" Thru 3/4" ) making it interchangeable for nine of the ten different models made.  The Largest Size Teardrop Indicator is the 1" Teardrop and it takes a Larger Diameter and Much Thicker piece of rubber tubing to achieve the 100% line retention needed to hold it in place while you fish.  Large Diameter Spare Tubing can be purchased in packages of Two 14" Long Pieces.  This is a specially processed Natural Latex Rubber Tube.  Pictures of this will be posted at a later date. You can cut this tubing to proper length of 1 3/8" long and end up with 20 pieces.

  Self-Closing  Stainless Steel  Tweezers      The Helping Hand

  Looking for a Helping Hand? Tired of trying to get that small fly out of the fly box with cold fingers? This is the tool you've been looking for. It's the Self-Closing Stainless Steel Tweezers. They measure 4 inches long and have a ribbed flat on each side so they won't slip from your fingers. The self-closing textured faces on the inside of each tip provides superior grip onto whatever you grab. Simple operation is to squeeze them to open, ease off on the pressure and they close on their own. Use them for split shot selection or grabbing the rubber tubing or indicator from the packages or one of the Flowing Waters Kits.  Has a stainless steel split ring at the tail end so you can hang it from a retractor & pin it on your garment. Works great at the fly tying bench too. You'll be glad you own one of these.

 Multi-Purpose Knot Tying / Quick Fly Threading Tool 
  Thread your Fly Within Seconds with this Tool !!    Works on Flies as small as Size  20


  Have you ever wondered if there is ever going to be an easier way to thread your tippet thru the eye of the fly hook and get back into the water and fish?  Well here it is.  It's A Multi- Purpose Knot Tying / Fly Threading Tool that really works. There are many knot tying tools on the market today and this is the only one I found worth it's weight in gold.  Not only will it help you thread a fly or a hook within a matter of seconds, but it can help you quickly tie Sixteen Different Knots . Works on Flies and Hooks from as small as size 20 all the way up to size 2.  This tool also has a built in Hook Remover at the same end used to help tie the Nail Knot.  It is made from Delrin Acetel Plastic and Stainless Steel.  Two very durable materials that are virtually indistructable.  This tool comes with an instruction manual with illustrations to show you how to tie sixteen different useful fishing knots including the Blood Knot, the Uni-Knot or Duncan Loop, the Nail Knot, the Quick Snell, the Surgeons Knot and many more.  A strong magnet has been molded in the plastic to hold your fly or hook in place by the outside of the eye so you can easily thread your tippet thru the eye every time, saving you time and eliminating frustrations on the water.  It can be attached to a retractor by the Stainless Steel Ring that is molded in place so you won't lose it. Now you can thread your flies and tie your knots in less than half the time with this tool as compared to just using your fingers.  What a Time Saver!

  Quality Retractors  

   Looking for a way to keep your necessary tools close at hand?  Here's the Float Master Products Retractors.  They measure 1" in diameter and have a 16" long cord that is made from 50 lb. test braided nylon.  This stuff doesn't rot. Equipped with a stainless steel split ring and a horizontal pin with clasp on back to attach to your garment.  Impact resistant hardshell case.  A perfect match for the Knot Tying / Fly Threading Tool and the Self-Closing Stainless Steel Tweezers.  

                     Assorted Split Shot  (Dinsmores Brand)

   I have a limited supply of split shot for sale and all of it is Dinsmores brand.  This is very good split shot and everything but the Micro Dust Shot is reuseable.  One type of this split shot is Tin Shot and this can be used all over the United States and Canada. This is the small box in the upper left corner of the photo.  It contains 25 pieces of size AB Tin Shot.  The retail price is $4.75 per box and it is reuseable.  The next box you see to the top right is round soft lead and green resin coated with a soft cushion inside to protect your line from any damage.  This box contains 17 pieces and retails for $3.99 per box. Reuseable too.
The small round container in the lower right side of the picture is a Four Select indexable dispenser of what is referred to as Micro-Shot or sometimes called Dust Shot.  This is soft lead and real small stuff and sometimes hard to find in shops.  I don't know the exact count in this box but it's alot.  This retails for $4.50 per box.
The large square dispenser with the red safety cup in the middle is Egg Shaped soft lead split shot.  Five different sizes and all reuseable.  A good amount of  Split Shot in here.  This dispenser retails for $10.95 per box.  Please check the fishing regulations in the states where you intend to fish.  Not all places allow the use of Lead Split Shot.  You may want to purchase some of the environmentally safe Tin Shot.  When these items are all sold out then that's it.

       Productive Flies


  As of March 1st, 2011 the following fly patterns are available. All flies are tied on Tiemco Brand Hooks. All flies are $1.50 each or $15.00 per dozen.  There is a small shipping fee depending on the shipping address. More Fly Photos are on the way.
Yellow Sulphur Nymph               Size 14   Size 16
Yellow Sulphur Soft Hackle        Size 14   Size 16
Cream Colored Caddis Larvae    Size 12   Size 14
Cream Colored Caddis Pupa        Size 12   Size 14
Rust Colored Soft Hackle             Size 14   Size 16                                                                      Cream Colored Soft Hackle         Size 14   Size 16 
Olive Colored Soft Hackle            Size 14   Size 16



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