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By: Flightax  09-12-2011

Professional Deductions and Per Diem:

If you have a tax preparer who is familiar with your family tax situation, but is not aware of the specific deductions for airline professionals, FLIGHTAX can calculate your professional deductions, including your per diem allotment and other job related expenses. Your per diem allotment is the amount of meal expenses that the government permits you to deduct without receipts. Depending on where you flew, claiming appropriate per diem deductions may save you hundreds or even thousands on your taxes. We will provide you with a completed employee business expense form to incorporate into your return. You will also be provided with the necessary documents to present to the Internal Revenue Service in the event you would be selected for audit.

Amended Returns:

If you have not taken the proper deductions in past years, we can amend your prior year returns for the past three years, and request an additional refund. FLIGHTAX will not charge you a fee unless amending the return will benefit you substantially. If you are able to receive an additional refund from the IRS, fees will apply. We need a copy of your original return and the original W-2 in order to amend any return. If you do not have a copy, we can help you get one from the IRS. Call us today or download the Amended Return Organizer!