Airship Design Engineering for FAA Type Certificate

By: Fliegen Works  09-12-2011
Keywords: Engineering, Project Management, Installation

Fliegen Works has done a number of Airship projects including an enlarged dual fuel tank, installation of a fixed rudder tab, and structural substantiation of a LED display sign. 

Micah Hamley gained significant experience working on both the US LTA 138S airship and American Blimp Corporations A-1 series and A-60 airships. 

Prior Experience:

Structural substantiation of aircraft systems and components supporting FAA Type Certification of the A-1 series airship.  FAA Company DER - structures.

  • Development of loads for aircraft structures and structural analysis of components.
  • Wrote structural test plans, conducted tests, and produced test reports, including testing of the gondola, engine attachments, landing gear, seat structure, and cargo compartments.

Certification engineering for FAA and British CAA for the A-60 Airship.

  • Produced certification plans, compliance checklists, and compliance reports resulting in Type Certification for A-150 airship by the FAA and A-60 airship by the CAA.
  • Coordinated experts for lightning protection, loads, flight test, and other issues.
  • Redesign and certification of fuel system by analysis.

Design engineering for gondola, integration of sub-systems, pressurization system, fuel system, control surfaces, and airship assembly.

  • Project management including certification, design, testing, and scheduling.
  • Detail design of aircraft structural components and aircraft systems.
  • Review and approval of drawings and Engineering Change Orders.

US LTA 138 S Fiber optic sign design, R&D, production tooling, prototyping, structural analysis, and FAA certification – STC # SA5962NM.

  • Production engineering including: tool design, design changes for manufacturability, production flow analysis, quality control, and tooling changes for quality assurance.
  • Project manager for FAA certification of fiber optic display sign on airship.
  • Flight test plan development and flight testing of sign components and systems.
  • Electrical design, including sizing, environmental protection, installation, and routing.

US LTA Project Manager for three Naval Research Laboratory studies and two UW’s Applied Physics Laboratory studies using US LTA’s airship as a research platform.  Installation engineering including the design and manufacture of a remote two-axis microwave antenna positioning system.

Design, manufacturing, and testing of airship parts and systems.

  • Boom and hoist system development, including: design, analysis, load determination, testing and installation of system on airship.
  • Strain gauge based gondola suspension system for rigging airship.
  • Cabin mounted aux fuel tank enclosure: design, analysis, load determination, testing and installation of system on airship.

Keywords: Certification, Engineering, Flight Test, Installation, Project Management,

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