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By: Flexion Fitness Studio  09-12-2011

Indoor/Outdoor Cardiovascular Training

  • Enjoy the fresh air in good weather but prefer indoors when it’s raining and cold?  We can accommodate and give you variety to keep you interested and motivated.

Strength Training

  • Lose the fat and tone the muscle.  For every pound of muscle you gain, you burn an extra 50 calories per day.  We’ll challenge your muscles, improve your technique, and help you avoid injury.


  • Feel empowered, relieve stress, and enjoy the results of a full upper body workout.  No need to feel timid..it is non-contact and you will enjoy every minute.

Bootcamp/Group Training

  • Enjoy a bootcamp workout without the intimidation of a drill sergeant.  Bring your own friends or join another group to meet new ones.  Class sizes are non-threatening and are limited to 3 – 5 participants per session.

Nutrition Planning

  • Learn the right foods to eat and when to eat them so you get the body you are looking for.

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