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Pinless Dialing

You do not have to dial the account number and pin number every time you need to make a long-distance call. Simply register your home, mobile, business phone or any phone from which you would like to make long distance call as an instant access number. Our system will no longer ask you to enter the account number and 4-digit pin when you call from one of your registered phones. All our products have pinless dialing.
Speed Dial
This is a speed dial feature that allows you to store up to 99 frequently called numbers. You maintain an online phonebook with the speed dial code and the number of the person you wish to call. Example: Your friend, John Doe's number is (123) 456-7899 with a speed dial number of 01. When you are making a call and the system prompts for the number you wish to call, dial 01#. This feature can be found on all products except Call Back Choice Card.
Call Back
Web call back is the unique feature of the Call back choice card. You send a message to the switch using our website requesting a call back on any phone worldwide. The switch calls the phone you requested and ask for the number you wish to call. Customers with dial up connection can schedule the call back to allow enough time to disconnect from the internet so that the phone will be free for the call back. This feature can only be found in the Call back Choice Card.


You pay the rate quoted per minute and the payphone fee, only if you use a payphone. ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER FEES ON YOUR CALLS AND NO PERIODIC FEES. Only the $10.00 denomination has an up front 75¢ processing fee for new orders only. Therefore, you will pay $10.75 and get $10.50 on your account with the bonus. The 75¢ is not charged on recharges of any denomination, including the $10.00 denomination. We added the $10.00 denomination based on consumer request for the option to buy a lower denomination and pay the fee. Buy at least $15.00 to avoid the 75¢ charge.

Billing Increments

All our calls are billed in 1 minute increment.

No Expiration

Our cards have no expiration date.


All the cards in the Transparent series international calling cards and the Call back choice card have an auto-fix feature. If you have a problem with a call hit ##*# and the system will redial the number and try to find an alternate route to complete your call.

SAVE MORE when you use a local access number

90% of the calls for the Call back Choice. We offer you the great quality of the ATT network with the value of local access numbers. You save a penny a minute to all destinations when a local access number is used with the Call back card.

Making a new call and last number Redial

You do not have to hang up the phone to make a new call. Dial ## to make a new call and *# to redial the last number you called. Look for the section at the end of each product instruction page for time saving tips for each product.
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Keywords: Calling Cards, International Calling, International Calling Cards, Pinless Dialing

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