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By: Fitz Software  09-12-2011

- BCV4 provides for fast copying of DB2 and IMS systems. creating a "new" DB2 system on the mirror image.     

- P rovides for fast copying of DB2 data base s or tables within the same or to another DB2 sy s tem . Compared with other conventional copying methods, BCV5 saves about 90% on elapsed copy time and over 90% on used resources (SSU, SRU). BCV5 copies DB2 data, i.e. databases or tables, with or without auxiliary objects - indexes, views, triggers, procs, runstats. The same is true for copying between different DB2 subsystems – referred to commonly as migration – where BCV5 automatically attends to OBID translation and RBA adaptation. With BCV5, copy jobs are completed in minutes where before they took hours. Weekend work can be executed within regular night shifts. Test data may be refreshed any time.      

- All the functionality of BCV5 to do fast copies of DB2 data (databases and tables) but with BCV6 the suspension of live databases in the copying process is no longer necessary, i.e. no Quiesce or Shutdown required.  The target tablespaces are updated accordingly via the source DB2 log to a selected point in time.  

z/OS - TUC is an advanced solution to automate your database maintenance providing availability around the clock. TUC provides features and services that allow you to create your set of maintenance procedures and define the rules needed to follow your maintenance policy. Real Time Statistics are monitored and compared to predefined thresholds to trigger utility execution and provide near real-time utility maintenance on an as needed basis. TUC saves resources and minimizes costs by assuring that only the utilities that really need to be done are triggered for execution.  

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For CICS is an interactive debugging, testing and monitoring program for CICS (under z/OS & z/ VSE) applications written in Assembler, PL/1, C and all versions of COBOL. Provides an IBM compatible HLASM and C++, C compiler which allow developers to offload a major part of their mainframe compiling without source modifications. InterSession supports all current IBM mainframe operating systems, and all VTAM application host systems.


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File encryption and archiving, test data generation, naming standards and audit, and who’s using what in the z/OS software portfolio, Real-time de-fragmentation of disk space,. Change management, audit and security improvement with system integrity in z/OS, JES, VTAM, TCP/IP, CICS and IODF. Detect the risks on your primary servers before they strike. Our primary products cover areas in.


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Alerts are routed via SMA_RT management to external security log concentrator products or other threat management products that use TCP/IP SYSLOG protocol. As serious systems programmers know, many problems in the stack, network, or devices can be found this way. They may be currently experiencing performance problems or will soon be experiencing performance problems.