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Short term memory is the capacity to hold a small amount of information in the mind in an active and readily available state. Working memory allows us to remember what we hear or read long enough to use the information or store it. It is a key brain function and increasing its capacity increases the ability of the individual to focus. Long term memory is stored memory. It includes factual knowledge from our school years, our cultural and upbringing experiences. Long term memory is a resource, rich with associations, providing a great source for reminiscing and legacy-building activities.

The products found in this section focus on exercising the memory function of the brain in its various capacities.

Antoni Gaudi’s works are marked by a highly individual style and his love for nature, religion and architecture. He integrated ceramics, stained glass and wrought ironwork forging into his architecture. Many of his works are captured in these art cards, including his masterpiece, the  basilica Sagrada Familia, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Joan Miró began his career as an accountant but abandoned the business world for art after suffering a nervous breakdown. He experimented with many styles of painting, including Surrealism, and developed a unique symbolism and Spanish nationalism that stayed with him throughout his career.

Pablo Ruiz Picasso is a famous Spanish painter and sculpture widely known for co-founding the Cubist movement and for the wide variety of styles that he helped develop and explore. He was taught by his father but surpassed him in ability, becoming one of the most widely known artists of the 20th century.

Joachim Sorolla was a Spanish painter who excelled in the painting of people and landscapes. Sorolla’s focus on the effect of sunlight on his subjects was characteristic of his work.

Fifty-two timeline cards highlighting historical and cultural events and personalities from the 20th and 21st centuries as well as eighteen life event cards to be customized by the individual for use in creating their own personal timeline. The product also comes with a list of activities and exercises to be used to exercise the memory, visual/spatial and critical thinking areas of cognition.

Keywords: Cultural Events, Event Cards

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As we mature, a more sophisticated view of language, including humour, satire and irony, gives depth and nuance to our communications. The immense powers of poetry or music to convey and evoke emotions are fundamentally encoded in the human brain. We learn from an early age, how to express our thoughts and feelings and ideas.


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The ability to count physical objects, handle money and also count abstract quantities like days, seasons and years, are fundamental for creating a framework for understanding and operating in the world. These skills are also important in understanding time, which though abstract, is often quantified in numerical terms such as seconds, minutes, hours and days.


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The black Timeline Cards refer to historical or political events; the green Timeline Cards highlight cultural events; the blue Timeline Cards focus on personalities; and the red Timeline Cards refer to events that changed daily life, such as disposable diapers and the microwave.