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By: Fisheye Solutions  09-12-2011
Keywords: Product Development

Our Services

As businesses expand, they face many challenges. When is the right time to build technology vs. buy? Are we better off following our competitors, or staking new ground? Should we expand into new markets, or focus on our existing customers? Is building a platform the right way to go, or should we be totally vertically integrated? We will help you frame these decisions and break them down so that you can make them quickly, and with confidence.

Great product design is the product of 3 things - meeting customer demand, simplicity, and consistency. Delivering that product is all about execution. We specialize in helping you at any stage of product development. We know that deciding what not to do can be the most critical step in any development process. Let us show you what features are most important and how to get your team focused so you will ship on time.

Getting the most out of your people is the key to success in any business. It’s critical to make sure that your best people are 100% focused on the right problems, and working to their strengths. As well, keeping people motivated and engaged means that you need solid development plans in place for your people, not just your product. We can help you make sure everyone is pulling in the right direction.

Sometimes people leave, leaving a gap during a critical part of a product cycle. All to often there isn’t someone ready to step up internally, because that would leave just as big a void at that level. At Fisheye Solutions we can provide executive level management for Product Development teams and Strategy teams, and help you find your permanent replacement.

Keywords: Product Development