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By: Fisher International  09-12-2011
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Every day, your business takes calculated risks. You minimize those risks when you replace current assumptions (about competitors, market conditions, and costs) with decisions based on complete facts. Using FisherSolve makes insightful analysis easy and accessible. FisherSolve delivers detailed information on every mill in the world and tools for a wide range of uses. Moreover, FisherSolve can link to your databases, which makes them both much more useful. Click below to learn more about:

The FisherSolve database contains a highly-complete description of every operating mill in the world making over 50 tons per day. The database is built to allow analysis of companies, assets, grades, production, furnish, people, equipment, process controls, environmental processes, operating costs, overhead, financials, news, your data, and any combination of them.

FisherSolve data comes from Fisher’s 25 years of research, a dedicated global research team, and data quality standards controlled by software technology. Daily updates, delivered automatically through FisherSolve, keep you up-to-date.

Fisher Logic Cost Benchmarking covers each grade and every mill in the global pulp and paper industry. Tools deliver insights into company strategy, competitiveness, and the capabilities of every paper machine, pulp line, and mill. Using state-of-the-art technology and the industry’s only global, dedicated research team, Fisher Logic has the reliability required to support the important decisions you make.

Mass-Energy Balance Technology

FisherSolve calculates costs-of-production across all mills with a mass-energy balance software technology designed by paper industry engineering experts. The system has several advantages:

  • Consistency – eliminates man-made calculation errors and hidden assumptions

  • Detail – delivers greater detail so you can see all the assumptions

  • Development speed – allows for continuous rapid improvement. We expand and refine cost calculations consistently and implement them immediately in all mills at the same time

  • Frequent updates – updates the mass-energy balance of every mill in the world every quarter. This keeps our costs current with the industry’s continuous grade changes, rebuilds, mill reconfigurations, closures, startups, etc.

  • Efficiency – keeps our costs low so we can deliver a better product at lower cost to you

  • Reporting Tools

    And our state-of-the-art reporting allows you to drill much further down into costs to consider issues such as “Which fiber lines are more competitive (regardless of what paper product is produced)?” “Which paper machines are more competitive (regardless of the efficiency of their pulp mills)?” “How much energy of each type does each mill produce and consume?” “How competitive is each asset?” “How does the shape of the cost curve change under different economic scenarios?”

    “What-If” Capability

    FisherSolve allows users perform "what-if" scenarios and sensitivity analyses to predict the effects of fluctuating exchange rates and manufacturing input costs. Results can be displayed in tables and charts with your choice of detail: by individual machine, mill, company, country, region, Finished Product, Grade, Major Grade, Total, and combinations of these.

    Viability Index shows the economic health of each machine, pulp line, and mill and estimates the risk that it will close or will remain competitive. Viability Index also explains the why of an asset’s economic health in terms of its manufacturing competitiveness: cost position, technical age, size, strategic fit, access to low-cost transportation, impending investments, and other factors.

    Viability Index shows asset viability under different economic conditions and in comparison with different peer groups. Using these features allows users to create SWOT analyses for machines, mills, and companies.

    Collected from all global media vehicles, News & Project Analysis makes the news more useful:

  • Summarizes news by Event so you don’t have to read dozens of articles on the same subject

  • Includes history

  • Allows you to query on the news

  • Puts capacity changes into tables and graphs that you can analyze further

  • FisherSolve helps you find the information you want and visualize it in graphs, maps, tables, and lists. You can query on anything in FisherSolve, including your own linked data. Everything is done with simple drop-down menus.

    FisherSolve is a platform for managing your knowledge of the external world. FisherSolve contains not only the information delivered from Fisher, but also all of your own information and that of third-party sources. A simple process assembles and links your data to FisherSolve.

    FisherSolve CRM is designed specifically for use by pulp and paper industry sales and marketing people. Because it already contains detailed customer information, your sales people benefit immediately. Because Fisher maintains the information, your sales people save considerable time. And because the CRM is a module of FisherSolve, installation requires no IT involvement – your people just take a normal update. Moreover, with your own data on sales, installations, and call reports linked to FisherSolve, you get a very powerful system with little effort. If you already have a CRM program, the FisherSolve CRM links to it, too, so you can have the all the benefits with little change in the way you operate.

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