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By: Firefly Hammer  09-12-2011
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Firefly hammers come in 6 inch, 6 1/2inch and 7 inch lengths. Measure this distance on your favorite pair of hammers and use this length to order Firefly hammers. The asking price for a pair of hammers is $45. This includes shipping, handling, any sales tax and a spare card of batteries. Payment may be made by check or credit card. This web site is not set up to accept credit cards and I do not think that e-mail is secure enough for credit card information. If you would prefer this payment option please contact us and we will set up a phone contact. We will try to keep a few of each size hammer in stock and will generally ship quickly. However, if we do not have any on hand we will take your name and contact you when we have a set to your specifications.We are always looking for new ideas for our hammers. For instance, one of the things we are considering is red and green hammers for Christmas. We would appreciate any suggestions on this or other subjects. (One of your suggestions lead us to add the 7 inch length.) I won't guarantee that we will act on your suggestions, but we will listen. Please send an e-mail with any thoughts.

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Keywords: credit card, Hammers