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By: Finlay Construction  09-12-2011
Keywords: Stone, Asphalt, TOPSOIL

  • Sc reened Topsoil - used for planting grass.  Screened topsoil has gone through a screening plant so it is free of rocks and sticks.  Please note: we do not spray our topsoil with any chemicals or herbicides.

  • Regular Topsoil - has not gone through a screening process, so it may have some rocks and sticks in it. 

  • TripleMix - is a mixture of screened topsoil, manure, and peat moss. Great for gardens and flower beds.

  • Li mestone Crusherrun - similar to Granular A but is a limestone product.

  • Limestone screening - similar to Dust & Chips but packs hard and is very fine - 5/8" and smaller.

  • Gablon Stone - a limestone product used in ditches/beaches in cages for retaining walls.  It's a gray stone, 4-6" in size.

  • Granular A - sand and stone mix about 3/4". Good for driveways and side roads

  • Granular B - good for road base, then cover with Granular A.

  • Granular.C/Sandfill - is used as a backfill around foundations. 

  • 3/4 Clear Stone - is used for drainage.

  • 1" Clear Stone - is used for weeping beds.

  • Recycled Asphalt Products (RAP) - several grades available such as screened Asphalt which has gone through crushing plant.

  • Premium Crushed Asphalt - has gone through the crushing process, but not as many fines as dirt and fines have been removed prior to crushing.

  • Keywords: Asphalt, Screened Topsoil, Stone, TOPSOIL