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By: Finepitch Assembly  09-12-2011
Keywords: circuit board, Printed Circuit Board, Printed Circuit

We offer above services in two different ways:

Customer to supply all bare PCB’s and components. We recommend that you send extra parts due to possible attrition during the pcb assembly process. ALL unused parts will be promptly returned to you.
10% Extra, 50% Extra for 0402's
5% Extra
1 Extra per order - if possible

We will supply all/partial components and Bare PCB. Eliminate the hassles of coordinating multiple vendors, pieces and parts. Place one purchase order and be done. You’ll get clean, accurate printed circuit board assemblies on-time with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Keywords: circuit board, Circuit Board Assemblies, Pcb Assembly, Printed Circuit, Printed Circuit Board

Other products and services from Finepitch Assembly


FinePitch Electronic Assembly - Lead Free Assembly

The stuffed board is then placed in the oven at a higher than normal temperature, to achieve the correct metallic bond between the components and the boards. Please keep in mind that our technicians are experts at quality control and will guarantee that all. As a result, higher temperatures, around 30-50 degrees higher, are usually required to. Customers either supply the correct lead free parts or we will order them for you.


FinePitch Electronic Assembly - Box build

Assembly of boxes typically includes drilling for conduit fittings, assembly and mounting of terminal blocks, fuses and printed-circuit boards, and termination and installation of connectors for internal wiring systems. Many of our customers are manufacturers that require a contract manufacturer for not only their Printed Circuit Board Assembly needs, but for the final assembly of their innovative products.


FinePitch Electronic Assembly - PCB Assembly

We use state of the art surface mount and through hole equipment including sophisticated BGA rework and X-Ray equipment, Finepitch can provide single sided PCB assembly to complex double sided PCB assembly, consisting of variety of SMT packages including BGA, uBGA, and SMT- Ultrafine pitch devices.


FinePitch Electronic Assembly - PCB Glossary

An outsourcing model which turns all aspects of electronics manufacturing over to an EMS provider, who buys the raw materials and components and bills the OEM for a complete assembly. A production line machine used to remove solder residue and other foreign material acquired during assembly from the PCB. Printed circuit board materials with superior thermal properties for products requiring high-frequency transmission.