Assembly Services - Filtronetics, Inc

By: Filtronetics  09-12-2011

FILTRONETICS, Inc. can use its extensive knowledge and experience to aid in the design, manufacturing and testing of both electrical and mechanical assemblies.

Our special capabilities include:

  • Complete System Assembly and Testing
  • Sub-Assembly
  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly
  • Automated SMT Assembly
  • Hand Assembly
  • Coil Winding
  • Crystal Manufacturing
  • Custom SMT and Thru Hole Packaging
  • Temperature Testing
  • Shock and Vibration Testing
  • Voltage Burn-In
  • Encapsulation / Foaming
  • Modification or upgrade to existing product

We can provide prototype and production run automated SMT assembly. When appropriate we can use our partnerships with quality offshore facilities for the most cost effective solution.


Other products and services from Filtronetics


Oscillator`Crystal Clock Oscillator(XO)`Voltage Controlled(VCXO)`Surface Mount(SMD) Crystal Oscillator

Our oscillator types include clock oscillator, XO oscillator, voltage controlled crystal oscillator, VCXO Oscillator, temperature compensated crystal oscillator, TCXO oscillator, voltage controlled temperature compensated crystal oscillator oscillator, VCTCXO oscillator and VCTCXO oscillators. Oscillator Package types include both: surface mount oscillators or SMD oscillators and through-hole oscillators or thru hole oscillators.


Filters > RF Saw Filter`Bandpass Filter`Highpass Filter`Low Pass Filter`Bandstop Filter

We also supply lowpass filters, highpass filters, bandpass filters, bandstop filters, notch filters, diplexer filters, tunable filters, switched filters, and other custom electronic filters. Other specialized custom filters include phase matched filters, phase tracked filters, amplitude matched filters, amplitude tracked filters, equalized filters and EMI filters.