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By: Filter Water Direct  09-12-2011
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Saltless Water Softener | Filter Water Direct

Installing a Saltless Water Softener in your home can mean big benifits to you and your family, but also your home appliances and pets. If your currently using a Salt Based Softener and looking for a alternative then this might just be your answer.

Saltless Water Softeners have been around for several years but not really gaining in popularity until the last ten years. This is because the old salt based softener has always filled the need and worked well for the purpose. This began to change several years ago as people are becoming more aware of their health and environmental issues. While salt based water softeners do a great job of removing the calcium hardness from your water, they also leave behind sodium that leaves your water tasting funny not to mention the sodium your drinking.

Some people use Reverse Osmosis systems for drinking water and they are also excellent at removing nearly everything from your water including the beneficial minerals your body needs. we have articles on this site about the risks of drinking reverse osmosis water and why you should consider using a drinking water system that leaves the minerals in your water.

For hard water treatment, using a Saltless Water Softener is a very practical idea and inexpensive as well as easy to install. These systems came in a variety of sizes to fit nearly any application including domestic, commercial, agricultural as well as marine and RV (12V).

How They Work
Millions of times every second the system varies a group of electrical pulses that change the physical makeup of your water. These electrical pulses break down the calcium into fine calcium aragonite powder the size of only 4 microns , the remaining soft calcium in the water groups itself into soft snowflake-like shapes.

Gaps appear between these groups of calcium flakes and allow the water to easily carry minerals, nutrients and for the formations of suds from detergents. This broken down calcium powder is fine enough that it becomes six times more dissolvable into the water itself. The extremely small size of the calcium particle creates another advantage. Heat or pressure changes will not cause the converted calcium to revert and form calcium lime scale.

The surface tension of the water is also reduced by this conversion to a soft form. This increases the solubility of the water making it an even better solvent. In addition, the electrical charge of the water and minerals suspended in it are altered so calcium will not adhere to surfaces.

Only use this system on plastic or copper pipe. Use one wrap on plastic pipe and two wraps on copper pipe.

Weight: 3 lb.

Dimensions: 10in. × 8in. × 5in.

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