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By: Fike  09-12-2011
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Rupture Discs

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Operating Ratio
The ratio of maximum (plant) operating pressure divided by the rated burst pressure is called the operating ratio of the rupture or bursting disc. In simpler terms, the operating ratio is the percentage relationship between normal operating pressure and the stamped burst pressure, and varies depending on characteristics of the disc.

Discs that are designed to retain the disc membrane and burst or rupture without producing pieces.

Vacuum Resistant
Rated to withstand full vacuum without the use of a vacuum support.

Recommended for use in applications where there is heavy pulsating (small changes in pressure which occurs frequently or rapidly), or cycling (large changes in pressure over a relatively long period of time) involved in the process, application or system

Designed for use in liquid processes / applications.

Vapor / Gas
Designed for use in vapor and gas processes / applications.

Bolted Type Rupture Disc Holders
These holders can be incorporated into a pressure system by welded or threaded connections or bolted between companion flanges, and are designed for easy, convenient rupture disc installation.

Pre-Torqueable Rupture DiscHolders
Designed for easier installation, this holder allows for the rupture disc to be installed and torqued to the proper static load values under ideal conditions at the workbench. These holders can also be removed, inspected, and replaced without compromising rupture disc performance and producing leakage-causing errors.

Screw Type Rupture Disc Holders
Screw Type holders are available in a variety of NPT sizes and outlet configurations. The typical Screw Type rupture disc holder (without rupture disc) is a three-piece unit consisting of a base (inlet), holddown ring, and an outlet nut.

Union Type Rupture Disc Holders
Depending on your particular application, Union type rupture disc holders can be incorporated into a pressure system by welded or threaded connections, or by a combination of the two methods. The Hammer Union holder can withstand the force of a hammer for optimum field use, and is designed for hard-to-reach installation locations.

For a complete hygienic package, Fike sanitary rupture discs are designed to fit between standard Tri-Clover® ferrules and a #13 MHHM clamp. They can also be used with flush mounted NA Connect® fittings.

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From safeguarding your manufacturing processes to protecting your safety relief valves, Fike rupture discs and pressure relief products are part of the critical path to lowering your costs and helping you achieve higher profitability. Fike pressure relief products are compliant with global code regulations and are designed to meet or exceed industry requirements for rupture disc performance, reliability, and quality.