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By: Fiercemarkets  09-12-2011
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Where your prospects go for industry information

Just like our newsletters are the go-to publications for the industries we serve, our websites are key online destinations. Over a million monthly readers count on our editors to keep them up-to-date and in-the-know.

Advertising on Fierce sites puts your brand in front of some of the most influential decision makers in your industry. More importantly, it presents your offer or event in the best light possible - aligned with an already trusted source of industry information and analysis.

Targeting Options:

Site Targeting

For each sponsorship, your ad will run exclusively in the chosen ad position during the month sponsored.

Run of Industry Network

Broadest reach for your message while still maintaining targeting in an industry - Telecom, Biotech, Finance, Enterprise IT, or Healthcare. Your ad will rotate throughout available ad space within the ad unit purchased on any of the network sites.

Run of FierceMarkets' Network

Reach our total network of business and technical decision makers. Your ad will rotate throughout available ad space within the ad unit purchased on any of our targeted, B2B news sites.

Complementary Products:

Build brand awareness by running website ads over a series of consecutive weeks and supplement with a dedicated Email Blast in week four.

Newsletter Sponsorship: Leverage both inbox and online venues by combining a four-week web ad buy with two weeks of newsletter sponsorship (most usually running the newsletter sponsorships in the 2nd and 4th weeks of the campaign).

What People Are Saying:

We continue to run integrated marketing programs with Fierce Markets because we get results - whether it be a white paper syndication or co-sponsoring a webinar - the team is professional to work with and they are well respected in the industry. -
Marketing Manager, Openwave Systems

Keywords: Dedicated Email, Email Blast, Newsletter Sponsorship,

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