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By: Fiercemarkets  09-12-2011
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Our content or yours, the perfect way to deepen prospect relationships

Webinars continue to grow in popularity because they help marketers accomplish many goals simultaneously. From establishing expertise to building your list, a webinar can be a powerful business-building tool. Our FierceLive! Webinars outperform the competition because we have years of experience, a wealth of relevant content, the best technology available, and a large potential audience of interested decision makers.

FierceLive! Webinars help you:

  • Increase your credibility with potential buyers by establishing your expertise on a specific topic and positioning your brand as a thought leader
  • Build awareness, affinity, and preference for your brand through live product demonstrations
  • Move prospects closer to a buying decision by promoting your products and services within the context of an educational experience
  • Leverage your time across multiple prospects simultaneously, but maintain the feel of an intimate interaction
  • Become the go-to resource for prospects by providing them with knowledge and training that makes their lives and jobs easier
  • Build your list and identify the most qualified leads
  • Optimize your offers by collecting immediate and follow-up feedback from your audience

Editorial vs. Custom Webinar Formats

We offer two types of FierceLive! Webinars - Editorial and Custom. Both deliver a highly strategic and expertly executed end-to-end solution. We handle all the back-end details including marketing, viewer registration, confirmation and follow-up messages, speaker recruitment, webinar production, polling and surveys, reporting, and 6 months of archiving for on-demand viewers. The primary difference between Editorial and Custom is the source of the content.

Editorial Webinar Sponsorship

If you're looking for a turnkey webinar solution, our Editorial Webinars are a perfect fit. Researched and created by our expert editorial team, they cover all the hottest topics. Featuring a variety of Fierce-sourced experts—vendors, carriers, analysts—these webinars provide a depth of insight that isn't always found in other webinars.

Custom Webinars

If you prefer to have complete control over the webinar content, our Custom Webinar is just the thing. This option lets you deliver an exclusive event on the topic of your choice and still gives you the benefit of full third-party credibility by co-branding the webinar as a FierceLive! event. You retain complete control of the content (roughly 30-60 minutes of airtime) and can incorporate products and services into the discussion as you see fit. To provide your audience with the benefit of varied perspectives, we encourage you to engage multiple speakers, outside analysts, and partners.

Complementary Products:

In addition to the included promotion in FierceMarkets' Newsletters and on FierceMarkets' sites, an eBook is an excellent way to increase awareness, attendance, and engagement at your FierceLive! Webinar. By launching and promoting an eBook 2 - 3 months prior to the webinar event, you will establish awareness of the event, associate your brand with the topic, and also provide yourself with a metric by which you can prioritize leads (individuals who download the eBook and attend the webinar typically being the highest priority).

What People Are Saying:

FierceLIVE! webinars were an exceptional way for us to build credibility in the mobile market. FierceLIVE! was able to manage a 6-month series of monthly, live events with ease. I recommend them to anyone trying to reach new customers. -
Integrated Communication Manager, Cisco Systems

We are impressing a colleague of ours to death with the response rates we've been getting from the wireless e-seminar promo. Thanks for delivering phenomenal results! - Programs Manager, Intel

Keywords: marketers

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