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By: Fes Mobility  09-12-2011
Keywords: spinal cord injury, Gait, Functional Electrical Stimulation

Examples of people walking with the Odstock stimulator


Although it was recognized as early as 1961 that stimulation of the common peroneal nerve during the gait cycle could improve walking ability in stroke patients, the technique unfortunately did not gain widespread use at the time in stroke rehabilitation. Research and development in the field has progressed since then and lead to the introduction of dropped foot stimulation as a viable and effective means of addressing gait difficulties due to neurological impairment. Since 1989, the National FES Centre at Salisbury District Hospital, UK has been a leader in the field of functional electrical stimulation (FES) devices and the ODFS Pace is the 4th generation stimulator, designed to address dropped foot and improve gait in individuals with the following diagnoses:

  • Stroke resulting in hemiplegia

  • Brain injury resulting in hemiplegia

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Incomplete spinal cord injury

  • Familial or heriditary spastic paraparesis (FSP/HSP)

  • Cerebral palsy in children or adults

  • Some forms of Parkinson's Disease

The ODFS® Pace includes pre-programmed default settings allowing rapid configuration of stimulation parameters.

The ODFS Pace can be set up in minutes, requiring 3 simple steps to: 1) Locate the electrodes

• Skin surface electrodes are placed over the nerve at the head of the fibula, or in the popliteal fossa.

• Simple electrode configurations allow quick, precise and comfortable fine tuning of stimulation effect.

2) Setup the stimulator

• Users can choose to wear the Pace on the leg, at the waist or in the pocket.

• Donning the ODFS takes less that 5 minutes. With practice, it becomes a simple addition to a daily routine.

3) Walk and tune

• User adjustment is minimal, requiring only simple adjustment of the stimulus strength via a control knob.

• Stimulation can be paused at any time by simply pushing the “pause” button.

Keywords: Functional Electrical Stimulation, Gait, spinal cord injury