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By: Ferrazzigreenlight  09-12-2011

Through Ferrazzi Greenlight’s enterprise consulting practice, we help Global 500 firms improve the relational competency of their strategic account sales teams.  We focus specifically on the strategic account sales division because we have found this is where most firms’ highest sales performers operate.  ROI is also far easier to prove given the concentration of demand in these carefully selected strategic accounts.  By applying greater preparation, thoughtfulness and skill to the firm’s key relationship developers, our clients can quickly realize both a top- and bottom-line boost. 

Years of client experience and research are the foundation behind our very comprehensive approach for change.  As our clients get serious about making a positive impact on the factor that most significantly impacts their business and personal relationships, we are able to meet that desire for change with a comprehensive, tailored ROI-driven solution.  

Our strategy breaks out into five key areas:

Diagnostic –We determine the challenge or opportunity with respect to relational capacity of the strategic account sales force.  Essentially, can you grow internally or must you acquire the firm’s relationship managers?  What do those managers look like and what does transformation look like in terms of investment and forecast ROI?

Strategy – We design a solution for effecting change specific to each client’s organization and scenario, based on a wealth of innovation and client experience.

Intervention – We up-skill existing personnel through in-person interactive training seminars as well as one-on-one and team coaching.

Support – Successful change does not place the burden on the individual alone.  We organize support from above, below and alongside the strategic account sales executive within the client organization.  Support also comes in the form of clever marketing tactics on two levels: corporate high-touch marketing initiatives and software-based marketing tools that advance personal brands at scale.

Sustainment – Accountability is obtained through leadership involvement, visible metrics and behavior motivating compensation strategies.  We show clients how to implement the right combination of these measures to ensure that the change “sticks”. 

Consulting practice partners offer blue-chip pedigrees, but more importantly, years of client experience successfully delivering the solutions we advise.  Many offer senior B2B sales and strategic account sales backgrounds within the high-tech and professional services industries we serve.  Consulting/marketing experience originates from top firms such as Accenture, Booz Allen, Deloitte, Capgemini and McCann-Erickson. Our intellectual property has gained public and professional renown via articles in Brandweek ,  CMO, Harvard Business Review , and  Inc.  Founder and CEO Keith Ferrazzi's book, NEVER EAT ALONE: And Other Secrets To Success, One Relationship At A Time and Who’s Got Your Back are both national bestsellers.

Ferrazzi Greenlight Consulting will show you how you can achieve a higher ROI in your strategic account sales function, and then we’ll help you get there.     for a closer look or to speak with one of our clients who have already experienced our impact.

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