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By: Ferghus & Company  09-12-2011
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Dog Walking Services & Rates

All dog walking services are preceded by a temperament assessment at no charge.   We believe in promoting a positive pack environment and do not accept aggressive and/or overly dominant behaviour from anyone.This allows us to better assess a dog's personal needs and to suggest the best group to maximize on play-time (if group walks have been requested).  Corporal punishment in NEVER used, we do not believe in it.  Corrections are done softly, but firmly.  Positive reinforcement is in our opinion the best approach to achieving a great group. Proof of vaccinations or adequate titer results are mandatory for all participants of canine persuasion.  Please ensure that you have completed the appropriate forms prior to our preliminary meeting.
Group Walks & Play Sessions:

Exercise and proper socialization play a strong part in having happy, well adjusted dogs.  Group walks are planned for groups of 5-7 dogs maximum to ensure proper supervision of all participants.  Many of our dogs do participate off leash however, those with selective hearing are included in the group on a 10'-20' training leash until proper recall can be established.  Treats are provided to enforce good behaviour. Group outings last approx. 1 hour and a half to 2 hours, sometimes more if we are having too much fun!

Group walk services include pick up and drop off at your home for your dog.  Seatbelt tethers are used during transport to ensure everyone's safety. Muddy paws will be wiped and snowy faces cleaned off too!

Daily Rate $20.00/day*Private Walks, Puppy Visits & Play Sessions:A tired dog is a good dog!  Private walks and play sessions are ideal for dogs requiring specialized attention and/or seniors who just need a leisurely stroll without all the excitement of a group play session.  Private sessions are tailored to the specific needs of your dog.  High energy dogs that are not reliable off-leash benefit from a jog or high intensity walk session.  Puppies enjoy playtime and cuddles at home and in the yard until vaccines are completely UTD and contact with other dogs will no longer be a threat to their developing immune system(s).  Daily Rate $15.00-$25.00/day*

*discounts are available for multi-dog households

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Keywords: Dog Walking, Dog Walking Services