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By: Fat Spaniel  09-12-2011
Keywords: Renewable Energy, clean energy, Reporting Services

Solutions « Aurora Vison

The rules for managing solar electric power production turn traditional business operations on its head. Solar power plants are highly distributed, with each site generating far less power than a non-renewable power plant. In addition, plants are typically distributed over large geographic areas and may be managed by off-site staff.

Operating profit margins are narrow in the solar electric industry, and plants must operate at 98% uptime and produce more than 95% of expected output. With these constraints, failures can be expensive. Small defects (string faults or panel soiling, for example) and inaccurate problem diagnosis can eat up an entire downtime budget or worse. Catastrophic failures, such as damaged inverters, could mean days or weeks offline. No plant operator can afford this type of exposure.

Maximum Uptime, Increased ROI, Peace of Mind

Fat Spaniel is the leading provider of remote monitoring and reporting services for renewable energy systems. Our information services, however, extend far beyond simple monitoring. They benefit PPA service providers, project finance firms, system installers, manufacturers, commercial owners and residential customers. Fat Spaniel solutions address renewable energy information needs in three key areas:

  • Operations & Maintenance: A full range of system fault management, diagnostics, asset tracking, performance index and alerting services to enable O&M service providers to maximize system energy output while minimizing costs
  • Revenue-Grade Services: Billing data, Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) reporting, performance-based incentive (PBI) reporting and XML data feeds
  • Marketing & Education: Web-based energy production and conservation metrics, displayed via Internet-connected PCs and kiosks in high traffic areas such as building lobbies or retail sites, provide an effective way to market clean energy

Fat Spaniel’s services help maximize the return on investment of renewable energy projects, for owners and operators alike. With our customers and partners, we share the vision of a world where renewable energy is the first and best energy source.

Keywords: clean energy, Renewable Energy, Reporting Services

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