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By: Faster Freight  09-12-2011
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 • People:
When you ship with Fast Freight, you are doing far more than simply executing a transaction. In fact, you are forming a lasting business relationship with a true business partner. Our employees are trained to understand that when we handle a shipment for you, your reputation with your customers is at stake. We understand that the only news ¡°the boss¡± or customer wants to hear about shipping is good news and after-the-fact reports about ¡°exceptions¡± such as late or missed pick ups or deliveries are not career-enhancing events. Our customer-oriented employees utilizing our state-of-the-art communications and tracking systems handle each and every shipment as if it were the only shipment we have. Where all companies talk about customer service, we deliver.
• Systems:

Fast Freight's technology is designed with our customers in mind. We give you complete visibility into your shipment including scheduling, shipment status/tracking, and ETA. Our online reporting gives you the ability to manage your orders, shipments, carriers and invoicing in real time.

• Customer Service:

Fast Freight has developed and implemented a 6 Point, Customer Satisfaction Process created from the best-practices in the shipping industry. Whether you ship once per month or daily, with each and every shipment we: •  Check trucking company insurance, licenses, safety record.

•  Dispatch and monitor pick up time keeping customer informed.

•  Make delivery appointment.

•  Track shipment daily.

•  Advise customer of shipment progress.

•  Verify on-time delivery and advise customer.

• Price:

We unconditionally guarantee that we will provide you with the lowest price for each of your shipments without a long-term or guaranteed-volume contract. We can provide aggressive pricing while maintaining reasonable profit margins because we have invested in people and processes, not equipment. We manage the overhead of our business carefully.

• Industry Reputation:
We built our reputation in the truckload sector by providing consistent freight volumes and prompt payment. We carefully manage our relationships with our carriers so that our customers don't have to. Because we get them paid promptly, our carriers like working with Fast Freight and are very responsive when we offer them a load. These healthy business relationships we have created throughout the industry lead to all parties being motivated to execute each transaction in a timely, professional, and cost-effective manner giving you, the customer, a rewarding business experience.

Keywords: Fast Freight, Online Reporting, Tracking Systems