By: Fast Comtec  09-12-2011
Keywords: Sweep, Data Transfer, Time Digitizer

Multiple-event Time Digitizer (TDC)

  • Exceptionally high count rate Time Spectrometry System with 100 ps time resolution
  • 5 (6) input channels (START input can be used like a 6th STOP channel)
  • Time range from nanoseconds to 20 days with 100 ps time resolution (54 bit dynamic range)
  • Stop pulses are evaluated either for rising, falling edge or both at 10 GHz. For the first time this allows to obtain data on pulse-width with 100 ps precision
  • "Constant fraction" evaluation of input pulses - interpolates between falling and rising edge
  • Minimum time between rising and falling edge is 100 ps
  • Maximum input rates up to 10 Gbit/s
  • High data transfer rate to PC by dual USB bus
  • Six operating modes: Stop after sweep, sequential, multi start recording, pulse width (TOT - time over threshold and TUT - time below threshold) and time interval. (Autocorrelation optional)
  • Fully digital design, no software corrections required
  • Start- and Stop-Inputs via built-in -2V..+3V discriminators (threshold +/-1.5V adjustable in steps of 183µV)
  • No dead time between time bins, No missed events, No double counting
  • On-board 1024 x 6.4ns fast FIFO for ultra fast data acquisition.
  • Secondary 1GB FIFO (2 GB FIFO opt.) to buffer list-mode or on-line histogramming data transfer into the PC
  • Simultaneous acquisition and data transfer to PC
  • On-line sweep summing
  • Two versatile, software configurable Sync-outputs for triggering of external devices (FAST NIM, TTL)
  • Tag inputs (16) with 6.4 ns time resolution (i.e. for sequential data acquisition, multi-detector configurations, etc.)
  • Presettable 48 bit sweep counter; programmable acquisition delay, programmable number of time bins and programmable trigger hold-off after sweep
  • User configurable "GO"-line for experiment synchronization (compatible with other FAST ComTec devices)
  • 8-bit digital I/O port
  • Internal test pulser

Ultra fast Multiparameter Multichannel Analyzer  

  • Different versions allow the flexible configuration of 4 or 8 parameter systems
  • Large 2 GB FIFO enables extraordinary high burst count rates and buffering data without without any loss at a continuous throughput of 35 MB/sec.
  • Parallel interfaces for (16 bit) ADCs and/or other compatible frontends like Multiscalers, Position Analyzers, Time-of-Flight devices etc.
  • 16-bit Ports can be combined to 32- or even 64-bit ports.
  • TDC inputs and ADC inputs can be used simultaneously. ADC data are then recorded only during a sweep is running. This enables new experiments that were not possible before.
  • Single mode ADC data with time in units of 6.4 ns (32 bits) and sweep number (9 bits) for correlation with the TDC part
  • 1 kHz timer word is inserted every millisecond for counting the real- and live time for each ADC.
  • A Realtime preset using this timer is implemented in the hardware.
  • The timer word can contain in addition the sweep number (16 bits) and the scaler #1 data.
  • Coincidence mode with resolving times from approx. 20 ns (in steps of 20ns) to more than 1.3 ms
  • Coincidence data may contain the time of the event with 6.4 ns resolution (up to 48 bit), the sweep counter (up to 48 bit) and counter data of up to three scalers, and two signal bits from auxiliary inputs.
  • Each ADC and two auxiliary inputs can be enabled seperately to start a coincidence time window or not.
  • It is possible to select special event patterns to drop unwanted events and reduce the amount of list data.
  • Three auxiliary inputs/outputs are available, either as inputs to start a coincidence time window or mark events, or as outputs to monitor selected signals.
  • One of them can be used to reject events.
  • Eight 32-bit 100 MHz Scalers (option), all presettable. Individual and common gate. Preset load by external input possible (option).
  • Precise start and stop simultaneously with ADC's, TDC inputs and external devices by use of GO-Line.
  • Scalers #2 and #3 can be used as up/down counters with extern controllable count direction.
  • Carry out on Scalers #1 and #2 for 64-bit preset capability

Sophisticated MPANT Windows software 

  • 32-bit operating program developed to run under Microsoft Windows-XP/Vista/7 (32 or 64 bit).
  • For each parameter a single- parameter spectra is automatically defined and displayed.
  • It is possible to define several single- and dual parameter spectra in addition which can be simultaneously acquired and displayed.
  • Calculated parameters can be defined to do evaluation of position-dependent detectors or any other applications.
  • ROIs in single- and dualparameter spectra can be defined and evaluated.
  • Rectangular, polygonal, circular and ring ROIs in dualparameter spectra.
  • Projections and slices
  • Conditions can be set on events inside or outside an ROI, conditions can be combined.
  • Replay software for evaluation of list files is already implemented in the software and for pure TDC data available without extra cost.

Keywords: Data Transfer, Sweep, Time Digitizer

Other products and services from Fast Comtec


FAST ComTec: P7889

Pulse-width evaluation with 100 ps precision enables the user to calculate the area, the pulse height of the detector pulse but also if multiple events have occured - multiple events have a broader pulse width than single pulses. Then subsequent events detected at the stop inputs are recorded, each in a specific time bin corresponding to the time of arrival relative to the start pulse.


FAST ComTec: P7887

Then subsequent events detected at the stop inputs are recorded, each in a specific time bin corresponding to the time of arrival relative to the start pulse. The P7887 has been optimized for the best possible pulse-pair resolving while providing state-of-the-art time resolution available in digital designs.



Selection of data width per event in steps of 16bit allows for optimized FIFO and USB bandwidth usage For experiments requiring repetitive sweeps the spectral data obtained from each sweep can be summed in the PC enabling very high sweep repetition rates.


Ultra Fast Multiscalers / TOF

In Mass Spectrometry stop event pulses generated by ions arriving at the detector need to be precisely counted in the exact relation to their arrival time. The models, Series, and are one of the fastest commercially available fully digital multistop time digitizers with up to four inputs. FAST ComTec has specialised in the design and manufacturing of instruments for ultra-fast pulse counting that meets this criterion.


FAST ComTec: P7882

CONNECTORS: Start/Trigger: LEMO 00 type connectorCount1, Count2: LEMO 00 type connectorClock/Abort: LEMO 00 type connectorSync-Out: LEMO 00 type connector. The P7882 is an advanced dual-input Multiscaler / TOF / Photon Counter designed for fast sweep repetition rates and counting rates in excess of 350 MHz.


FAST ComTec: P7888

MCDWIN - the MS-WINDOWS-98/NT/2000 based operating software - provides a powerful graphical user interface for setup, data transfer and spectral data display.A DLL with example programs for "C", Visual Basic and LabVIEW is available for operation in a Laboratory Automation environment.