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By: Farmade  09-12-2011

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Crop Recording is not just the process recording of crop inputs, it encapsulates the entire management strategy involved in growing the crop. From pre-planting through to harvest, storage and delivery from the farm. Farmade GateKeeper will deliver sound financial detail together with the physical information to facilitate good decision making. Meeting the needs of the increasing legislative burden has become a major part of the administrative task for most managers. Farmade GateKeeper is an essential tool to help manage the collection and presentation of this information and to help prevent costly mistakes.

Agronomists working under pressure need to be able to create prescriptive
recommendations for their farmer clients which are robust in the context of the
complex pesticide regulations. They need software which will integrate with the
management tools used by their farmer clients. They need tools which they can
use in the field. Farmade GateKeeper Agronomist software delivers all of this
and more.

Designed for users of both GateKeeper Grower and GateKeeper Agronomist.

All farms and estates use maps regularly in the day to day management. Paper maps are useful but limited. However, digital mapping opens up new possibilities. You can measure, add detail, change scale, print what you need when you need it at the scale and level of detail that you require. Plan your stewardship, rotations, diversification with Farmade Mapping.

Farmade have been pioneers in the area of Precision Farming which is now well established as a mainstream farming tool. Farmade work with all of the main machinery manufacturers and are particularly proud of their status of “Preferred Partner” for John Deere in the UK.

Managing the plethora of pesticide legislation is challenging. Sentinel Active carries UK crop approvals for pesticide type products and will check proposed Plans and Recommendations for any potential issues. Users are warned before the problem occurs. With 3,400 pesticide products. 210,000 crop approvals and 2,000 SOLA documents can you really manage without Sentinel Active?

Aside from the web applications integrated into the GateKeeper software system, Farmade also make available two online applications:

  • Sentinel Online (UK version only) gives access to the Sentinel pesticide management database with a complete list of approved pesticide products, associated crop approvals* and agronomic/technical documentation.