Rhodolite Garnet gemstone

By: Famous Step Trading  09-12-2011

 We supply cut Rhodolite Garnet  direct from our mines in Southeast Asia.

To our knowledge, we are the only current source of SE Asian Rhodolite Garnet.  Our Rhodolite is beautifully cut and polished by our team of experienced lapidaries based out of Bangkok, Thailand.

Product Details:

1.      Commodity :                    Cut Rhodolite Garnet

2.      Specifications:

a.       Weight:  Minimum 2 carats

b.       Color:  Vivid Reddish-Purple (see included spec photos)

c.       Clarity:  Slightly Included to Eye Clean

d.       Origin:  Southeast Asia

e.       Shape:  Various Cuts (can cut to suit buyer specifications)

f.        Treatment:  Unheated

3.      Quantity:                          10,000 carats / month (min 4,000 piece)

Minimum 2,500 carat / month (1,000 piece)

4.      Selling Price:                   

Quotes available upon request. Pricing model reflects ex-works Bangkok. Any shipping costs are borne by the Buyer.

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