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By: Famous Fabrics  09-12-2011

Famous Fabrics Inc. | Hooray For Hollywood

June 23rd is the release date for Famous Fabrics Ink – Hooray For Hollywood.

Each box of Hooray For Hollywood contains a unique cut one of one signature of a Hollywood personality.

Cut Signature subsets include; Actor, Actress, Producer, Composer, Director, Hollywood Exec, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Academy Award Winner, Cast Card, Honorary Academy Award Winner.

Here are some of the high-lites from the Hooray For Hollywood Cut Signature checklists.

Marilyn Monroe
Grace Kelly
Bette Davis
Ava Gardner
Katherine Hepburn
Judy Garland

Bing Crosby
Jack Nicholson
John Wayne
Ingrid Bergman
Spencer Tracy

Frank Capra
Francis Ford Coppola
Cecile B. DeMille
Quentin Tarantino

Paul Newman
Al Pacino
Alec Guiness
Burt Lancaster
Charlie Chaplin
Elvis Presley
Errol Flynn

Billy Wilder
Hal Wallis
Michael Todd
Louis B. Mayer
Warren Beatty

Gene Kelly
Gary Cooper
Kirk Douglas
Orson Welles

Bill Conti
Marvin Hamlisch
Richard Rogers
Leonard Bernstein

Adolph Zucker
Mary Pickford
Samuel Goldwyn
Roy Disney

Judy Garland/Mickey Rooney (Babes In Arms)
Frank Sinatra/Joey Bishop (Ocean’s Eleven)
Bud Abbott/Lou Costello (Buck Privates)
Stan Laurel/Oliver Hardy (The Music Box)
Spencer Tracy/Loretta Young (A Man’s Castle)
Patric Knowles/Errol Flynn (The Adventures of Robin Hood)
The 3 Stooges (A Plumbing We Will Go)

Mae West
Jayne Mansfield
Lana Turner
Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

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