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By: Family Services Eap - Kingston  09-12-2011
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 We are the only service provider who actively promotes face to face counselling while also giving the client the options for telephone and e-counselling (see below for a description of e-counselling and its limitations). Some clients may prefer scheduled Telephone Counselling as an alternative to an office appointment. However, as with E-Counselling there are situations where Telephone Counselling is not appropriate, which reinforces the need for thorough assessment at first contact.                                                                                                                                             

  • 24/7 Toll-Free Emergency Access to qualified Telephone Counsellors throughout Canada and Internationally
  • Counselling provided Face to Face, by Telephone and E-counselling
  • Assessments, Interventions, Clinical Counselling and Referral Services for High-Risk Behaviours including: depression; anxiety; anger management; stress management and employee burnout; gambling; alcohol and substance abuse; and dependent or abusive behaviours
  • Assessment, Intervention and Clinical Counselling for Families and Individuals dealing with a broad spectrum of personal, domestic and extended family issues including: marital, divorce and separation counselling; couple counselling; parental counselling; grief and loss; family violence; caregiver support; and issues affecting lesbians and gays
  • Assessment, Intervention and Clinical Counselling for Work Related Issues such as: balancing work and family life; managing work relationships; workplace violence; work performance issues; workplace stress; and retirement counselling
  • Referral to Specialty Services within our Family Services Agency - employees have immediate access to our specialty services: the Family Violence Program; Child and Youth Services; Parenting Skill Training; and groups for adults and youth on topics such as Healthy Relationships, Anger Management Families in Transition, Caregiver Support, Stress Management to name a few. Where other EAP providers are limited to referring clients to these programs, we expedite client access to these programs as part of our own EAP offering.

 E-Counselling: New Delivery Mode - Traditional Clinical Practices
The Internet has become an important tool used to assure that employees are able to gain timely access to quality Counselling and other services. New technologies have allowed us to adapt and evolve the delivery options for our clinical service offerings. In addition to hosting a wealth of focused information kits and self-help resources, our online capabilities now support Web-based Consultations.

Some employees choose on-line Counselling over conventional in-person support because of its flexible scheduling options, convenient Web access and inherent privacy. Our two-way text-based “chat” messaging format offers the feeling of anonymous interaction (though E-Counselling sessions are not actually conducted anonymously, they are scheduled appointments), while encouraging spontaneous supportive dialogue. 

E-Counselling is ideal for short to medium length interventions and is a cost-effective vehicle for follow-up services. From intake, through treatment planning, service monitoring and assessment, to after-care support - the same professional standards used in our in-person counselling apply to our Web-based services. The privacy of on-line sessions is protected through use of secured connections and data encryption.

However, E-Counselling is not ideal in every situation and there is no substitute for human judgment when it comes to risk assessment. This is why we have established strict service measures to assure client safety. A specially trained Counsellor completes a thorough assessment by telephone or in-person before the first E-Counselling session is confirmed to verify that E-Counselling is used only in low-risk interventions. Assessments for E-Counselling may also use on-line screening tools. All E-Counselling sessions are carefully monitored to flag any developing high-risk situations. Should any concerns become known, the Counsellor will immediately contact the client by telephone and may follow-up with an office appointment.

24/7 Teen-Parent Helpline
Few parenting issues affect worker productivity more than problems related to raising teenage children. We provide a comprehensive set of services designed to resolve and defuse a host of problems encountered by parents and teens. Our toll-free 24/7 Helpline is the focal point for telephone consultation, information, and referrals for face-to-face support and individual and family consultations. Our service ensures that confidential1 telephone consultations by skilled Social Workers and Psychologists are available for adolescents and parents on subjects that include:

  • Private Counselling for teens for problems concerning academic performance, relationships and dating, drugs and alcohol abuse, and family problems
  • Referrals2 for follow-up in-office sessions with teen and family Counsellors
  • Assistance for parents in understanding their children’s behaviour, and support designed to improve family dynamics and to protect children from serious harm
  • Support and guidance for all family members dealing with issues of divorce or marital break-ups, together with strategies for improving and encouraging communication and listening skills

1 - Confidentiality is assured except in cases where the Counsellor is legally required to provide information to officials, including suspicion of abuse or where there is a danger that the client may harm self or others.

 2 - Parental consent is not required for telephone Counselling, however, a minimum of verbal parental consent is needed for Face-to-Face Counselling for children under the age of 12. Children over the age of 12 can seek Counselling on their own, independent of parental consent. However, our policy is to encourage broad family participation in Counselling with children between the ages of 12 and 16.

 Financial & Credit Counselling Services
Financial stress can have a tremendous impact on worker productivity. Not only is this one of the most commonly occurring needs, its presence is often related to high-risk behaviours such as substance abuse, mental health conditions such as chronic depression and it is often a significant contributor to marital and family breakdown. Accordingly, the early identification and remediation of financial problems features prominently in our suite of Work-Life Consultation services. We are the only organization in the Frontenac, Lennox & Addington Counties licensed by the province to provide Debt Management Programs.

Financial counselling services include a financial assessment and the development of a plan to resolve the financial issue. This may consist of:

  • Budget and Money Management Coaching to help individuals and families develop realistic lifestyle expectations, live within a budget and plan for financial goals
  • Coaching individuals and couples on debt consolidation and use of credit cards after consolidation
  • Coaching individuals and families to achieve “Financial Fitness”
  • Advocating on behalf of the client with his/her creditors
  • Implementing a Debt Management Program

Keywords: Counselling, Family Services, Stress Management

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