By: Fabrication Specialties  09-12-2011

We embrace challenges. Give us a blueprint or design, and we will work with you to fabricate the appropriate materials according to the design’s exact specifications. We take pride in being able to execute the product customization requirements that our clients demand.

Our customized products include high-temperature curtains and paids, removable insulating covers, encapsulated components, acoustical panels, tank covers, and complex gaskets.

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Another way we extend service to our clients is by offering a comprehensive warehousing program that is designed to operate seamlessly. Our warehousing services allow our clients to continue production without delay, and optimize the use of their warehouse space. We will work closely with you to design a personalized stocking formula that is optimal for your business.



We efficiently package materials for affordable shipment using our own vehicles, or for shipment using common carriers, or for customer pick-up. The diversity of our fleet allows us to offer our clients the most appropriate shipping option for their needs. That is why our shipping options are designed to be quick, flexible, and reliable. FSI’s fleet of vehicles includes cargo vans, box trucks, and larger semi-trailers.



Our machinery and warehouse practices minimize product waste, ensure products are fabricated to exact specifications, and enable us to complete projects with the speed that our clients’ demand. Our investments in technology, and skilled technicians, allow us to fulfill this commitment while continuing to be an affordable resource for expert fabrication.


Fabrication Services

We are continually expanding the services we provide by taking on new projects, product types, and fabrication requests. We provide a comprehensive range of services for thermal-accoustical insulation, and non-metallic gasketing materials. We are committed to providing every client with excellent customer service. Nowhere is this committment more evident than in our warehouse.