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The F4PLUS IT Team provides IT outsourcing solutions and consulting services in collaboration with overseas subsidiaries, partners and subcontractors. Our professionals are experienced working with well-known enterprises in both Canada and China. Our knowledge covers many aspects of the IT industry, including global outsourcing models, project management methodologies and wide range of technologies.

Within a decade, China has become one of the best offshore outsourcing destinations in the world and it keeps improving quickly. Multinational companies, such as Microsoft, IBM and many others, have already established their global delivery centers in China and are enjoying the benefit brought by the abundant provision of the qualified but less expensive technical resources.

F4PLUS devotes to helping its clients, especially small- to mid-sized companies, to implement software projects with specialized offshore options in China. We provide high quality services and guarantee low costs at the same time. To give our client a quick head-start, F4PLUS has following special offers for Canadian local companies:

  • Analyze the software outsourcing requirements in your company FOR FREE.
  • Introduce feasible offshore models for specific projects FOR FREE.
  • Implement a pilot project using offshore model to build trust FOR FREE (limited by conditions).
  • Analyze upcoming projects and provide best solutions and exclusive offers.

Our experts bring your MS Office to live! Imagine that all your Excel sheets, Word documents and Outlook Inbox become dynamic and linked together. We can build easy-to-use Graphic User Interfaces and powerful macros based on MS Office and other systems.

Case Studies:

Case 1:
Knowledge Management System Update for a major bank, Toronto
- More than 50 sub-systems interconnected 200 system users
- Development in parallel with production
MS Access, HTML, ASP, Javascript

Case 2:
Product Quotation Application Update for a leading furniture manufacturer, GTA
- Automated Excel tool with multiple workbook connected together
- Report generation and printing on the fly using Macros
MS Excel Macros, AutoCAD

Case 3:
ERP System for a leading advertising company, GTA
- Distributed DB with about 200 tables
- 40 system users
- Migration from Access to SQL Server
MS Access, Outlook, MapPoint, CorelDraw, SQL Server, etc.

Case 4:
CRM System for a top IT support company, Toronto
- Browser-Server three tier web application
- Secured website
.NET, MS SQL Server, Access

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software automates sales, customer service and support. Your staff can take advantage of the software to search for contact information before they call a customer or when they need to reference a customer’s transaction history. Marketing and sales department can use CRM to create targeted campaign lists based on past purchases, geographical location, industry and user groups.

We make a CRM solution flexible, affordable and working for you. Business of any size can get its own CRM system customized to be fit and functioning at the same time.

Please contact us for more information and we will be glad to show you all the details.

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