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By: Ezdimensions  09-12-2011
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EZDimensions works with homeowners who are anxious about their renovations and don't know where to start. Everybody has heard horror stories and many are concerned they will be plagued with problems and that their project won’t be finished on time or on budget.

Our design process is unique in the industry by approaching the project with a collaborative team approach, careful research and planning aimed at keeping design costs down and ensuring your project is affordable and functional before finalizing the drawings and applying for permits.  We strongly recommend several months in approaching the planning and design of your project.  Skimping on the necessary steps only puts your project and budget at risk.  Double the budget and double the construction time is what happens when you don't at least double your planning time.

There needs to be a planning budget also, whatever you think your project will cost you to build you should be setting aside at least an additional 15% for the planning stage minimum.  EZDimensions approaches a project with the full understanding that the construction field is not your area of expertise and will guide you to the steps necessary to plan the project for success.  These steps will cost money. However we operate with the mindset that the risk should be minimized while finding an investment that is right for you and your family.  Each step is paid at the start and finish before continuing to the next step this allows you to be in control and get full value for the money put out and make comfortable decisions for you and your family at each realistic 'go - no go' point in the process.

STEP 2 - Creative Consult
The Creative Consult involves a Collaborative concept design step with yourself and the designer that will uncover your project needs and renovation stressors to help us define where best to be of assistance to you. We begin by taking complete measurements of the existing project area in order to develop accurate basic floor plans. Then we meet with you to collaborate on an initial design that will meet your needs. Then another collaboration takes place between the designer, yourself and a contractor to identify a budget and the costs.  

At the completion of this step, you will know what you want, why you want it and how much it will costs.  This step provides you with concrete information to make decisions from before proceeding any further.  This step is a critical investment no matter where you are in your project planning process.  You will own the existing house floor plans, the concept designs and the budget information.

STEP 3 - Design Development
From this point decisions can be made to re-examine your expections, alter the scope of the project, clarify your priorities, examine a staged approach to the project or postpone the start of your project till more suitable for your family.  We specialize in space planning and will collaborate with you to define your project needs and define creative designs and solutions to meet those needs. We will assess the project with you and the necessary professionals and city officials to drum out all the input necessary to create a project design that will work for you and your municipality and most importantly is affordable for your family.

These services will produce design drawings as required for preliminary approvals from your municipal departments that are necessary for building permit applications. Rarely will the design be complete at the Creative Consult, further information including structural, heating, lighting, finish schedules excetera, all need to be defined and researched.  This step will flush out all decisions, details and information the building permit office and contractor will need.  Of course all this information will impact the budget and will need to be evaluated before seeking final approvals or setting up contracts with a build crew.

STEP 4 - Working Drawings and Permits
Our skilled and qualified designers will work to convert your designs into functional drawings that will be used to provide permits and municipal approvals and from which the builders and crews will build. The information provided will specify all the details defined in the design development step. The Permit information and drawings will be assembled for application from your municipality and any additional information required can be arranged for through our Design team and alliances.

STEP 5 - Project Support and Coaching
We offer individualized coaching whenever you need it. The previous weeks and months a team has been built and maintaining this team is your best bet at the continued success for your project. Beginning with a pre build design review and walk through with the building crew to review any details and discuss the steps of the project that will take place. together.  Weekly site visits and inspections is an invaluable tool to maintain communication and have access to the team to quickly respond to any issues that inevitabily come up. The issuing of the permits is not the end of your need for input from the team and access for continued support in moving the project to completion.

EZDimensions provides several options that will guide you through the design and planning process and assist you in researching your options to take control of your project and decisions. This service includes workshops, seminar groups and personal tutoring to meet any budget. Our aim is to present you with accurate and reliable resources to assist in understanding the renovation process.

Spending adequate time researching your choices and working with a professional, allows you to feel more comfortable with the money you spend and help you recognize the value in getting the job done properly. In turn, this will minimize your stress, allow you to stay in control of the project and finish on time and on budget. We can help in setting up a detailed and realistic budget, facilitate interviewing contractors and reviewing quotes or assist selecting materials and reviewing the options that best suit your need.

Keywords: Renovation