By: Extracomp  09-12-2011
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Software features and benefits 

Increase Customer Pay

The majority of customers who buy cars at Dealerships go elsewhere for  their  Customer Pay (C.P.) work. By having a sales person  motivated to look after all the needs of a customer , not just vehicle requirements, they generate sales in the other departments of the Dealership, departments that provide greater dollar grosses than new car sales. EXTRA COMP software shows the actual amounts customers spend on C.P. and who the Best Customers are for each salesperson, the Best Customers who bought vehicles from the Dealership and the Best Customers who use the Dealership only for service. Enabling the dealership to target Customers from their existing base who do not return to the dealership for C.P. or who do not purchase or lease vehicles from the dealership.  

Reduce Sales Staff Turnover

Dedicated people are hard to find and expensive to train With limited gross available in the new vehicle department there is little if any ability to increase commissions. Many salespeople who love selling leave because of low earnings. EXTRA COMP gives them an opportunity to increase their earnings and creates motivation for then to remain at the Dealership.  An extra increase of 10% and more is very attainable. Bonuses earned are on incremental C.P. sales ; those above the annual forecast set by the Dealership.

Improve Customer Satisfaction Rating

The stronger the business relationship is with a customer the greater the chance that the customer will have a favorable feeling towards the Dealership. EXTRA COMP involves the person who sold or leased the new or used vehicle or the person who has been assigned the customer to be the contact person. By calling approximately every 3 months a bond develops that gives the customer a feeling of having someone in the Dealership who will look after their concerns and thus translates into higher customer service ratings.

Improve Customer Retention

     Customers leave for a reason, poor service or lack of follow up due to constant change in personnel.  EXTRA COMP has a screen of information on every customer and the vehicles they own, whether they’re a sales or service customer. This living file is available to designated Dealership employees and they can readily see the customer’s profile and be familiar with it. This allows a greater chance of meeting the customer’s needs. Also if  a salesperson should leave or retire the profiles are there for their replacement. By staying close to the customer there is less chance they will leave. Loyal customers traditionally pay more for vehicles and service than  one time customers.

Keywords: Vehicles

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By using your existing sales people to make continuous contact with your past, present and future customers Extra Comp users have all seen increases in the Customer Pay. This CP commission directly compensates the sales staff for their revenue contribution and strongly motivates them to market all revenue areas of the dealership.



It is the first Software of its kind, in that it creates an incentive for the sales person to market the other profit generating products and services of the dealershipto existing customers. The sales people are not paid for business that is already coming in the door but for the incremental customer pay they generate. Our team of talented software developers have transformed the industry challenges into industry solutions.