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How can Extra Comp Increase revenue?
ExtraComp is more than software its a system for getting the most out of your sales staff.   By using your existing sales people to make continuous contact with your past, present and future customers Extra Comp users have all seen increases in the Customer Pay.  

How do I get the customers in?
Dealerships are always looking for new customers and paying a high dollar per new customer with advertising and promotion.   We say that you have all the customers you need with your historical customers.   For about the cost of two days of advertising you can get re-connected to your customers and produce more customer pay than through advertising.  Using our simple method to guide your sales people to contact this large pool of customers is what gets the results.

How does it work?
ExtraComp identifies every customer that has done business with your dealership over the past 6-7 years.  Taking this information, the software assigns these customers to a sales person.   Each group of customers assigned has an existing customer pay value. Next you add your dealership annual customer pay revenue increase objectives and this makes up the sales person's overhead.   For example a sales person could have 500 customers assigned that have a customer pay value of $50,000, add your annual CP increase target (eg:10%), so the sale's persons overhead is $50,000 + $5,000 = $55,000.    This sales person's CP is tracked monthly, quarterly and yearly and is compensated on CP generated over $55,000 annually.  So if the sales person generated $75,000 of CP, then a commission would be paid on the additional $20,000 of CP.  This CP commission directly compensates the sales staff for their revenue contribution and strongly motivates them to market all revenue areas of the dealership.

What is the return on investment (ROI)
Customers have seen ROI in a little as 3 months.  All of our customers have seen increases in customer pay and loyalty along with lower sales staff turn over.

How can Extra add to Sales Staff Retention and Recruitment.
Simple, more revenue brings Extra Compensation for your sales staff.   By sharing a portion of the incremental increases in customer pay with your sales staff, they make higher incomes, are more loyal to your dealership and help to grow your business.  You will attract and retain a better quality sales professional motivated by higher earning potential and an opportunity to build an ongoing revenue relationships from a pool of identified customers.


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Keywords: Sales Person, Sales Staff

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EXTRA COMP software shows the actual amounts customers spend on C.P. and who the Best Customers are for each salesperson, the Best Customers who bought vehicles from the Dealership and the Best Customers who use the Dealership only for service.



It is the first Software of its kind, in that it creates an incentive for the sales person to market the other profit generating products and services of the dealershipto existing customers. The sales people are not paid for business that is already coming in the door but for the incremental customer pay they generate. Our team of talented software developers have transformed the industry challenges into industry solutions.