Crystal Hearts Convey Soft Loving Energy

By: Exquisitecrystals  09-12-2011

Heart crystals convey that special soft loving energy that we like not only to have, but also to share. The heart centered crystals such as Ruby, Rose Quartz and others are just that more special when they have been carved and polished into the symbol of love and care.

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Healing Jewelry | Spiritual Jewelry

Today people wear crystal and mineral jewelry not only for the beauty but to also assist them in the bringing about health, love, wealth and a more fulfilled life experience. There are references in the old testament to the use of stones and minerals for protection in the breastplates of the Priests and in the Crowns of Kings. Crystal and Mineral Jewelry has been used to enhance the users experience since before man could record the use of it.


Gem Elixirs | Gem Essence Oils

The Lionheart Gem Elixirs have been created by John Van Rees, owner of LLC. Gem Elixirs are not medicine and should not be used in substitution of medical care. All Elixirs were created in sacred energy and loving heart energy.


Books - Crystal Books - Crystal Healing Books

If you want a simple book that gives you a reference for the "affliction" and which crystals to use, then you will love Crystal Prescriptions by Judy Hall. Any of the books here will assist you on your crystal healing journey-- one of the most exciting journeys we can take. Many people consider the Love is In The Earth series as the ultimate reference in metaphysical use.


Metaphysical Eggs carved from Minerals and Quartz

Held sideways between the thumb and fingers, it can be easily used to scan the auric field of the body. Pointing the small end forward, it can be used for reflexology, zone therapy, acupressure, and shiatsu. From Love Is In The Earth by Melody The egg shape, usually fabricated, is extremely versatile. The egg shape has been used in reading the aura of another.