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By: Express Web Systems  09-12-2011
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Express Web Systems solves problems for our customers all the time. Below is a list of services that we have provided to our customers recently. they are in no particular order, but all are real services we have provided to customers in response to problems they came to us with.

Customer Problem: Customer runs a dedicated linux server (not hosted with Express Web Systems, but we will forgive them for that). The server hosts a variety of PHP/MySQL sites as well as several RoR () sites using fastcgi. The server was constanly crashing and was generally unstable.EWS Solution:We investigated the server throughly and determined that the fastcgi process was continuously crashing typing up apache child processes. This would eventually hold all apache child processes in wait, and no further requests would be served.We installed SIM () for the customer to ensure that apache was always running.Additionally during our monitoring we discovered several IRC shell scripts that were being run from the server by hackers. We identified the insecure remote PHP file includes they were utilizing to gain access to the server and put additional measures ( and modifications to the /tmp file system) in place to prevent them from exploiting additional code until all the code could be properly patched.Result: "The server is running like a dream, and we have only you to thank."
Customer Problem: Small hosting company hosting several web sites on a server. One domain in particular receives a massive volume of spam that prevents the other sites on the server from receiving mail in a timely fashion.EWS Solution: We created a custom filtering solution utilizing a custom spam filtering solution using a combination of techniques including: , message scanning, and additional techniques. Additionally we provide the customer with trend graphing so the customer can monitor the amount of email that is being blocked.Result: The customer has now moved 5 domains to the system to provide spam filtering for customers that have requested spam filtering of their email. To date, we have had 100% success rate on legitmate mail arriving to its intended recipient.

Express Web Systems has an extensive skill set available to us, come to us with your problem and we will create a solution for you.

Keywords: Web Systems

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