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By: Express Metrix  09-12-2011
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Express Software Manager provides comprehensive and detailed software usage statistics so you can avoid purchasing and supporting applications that aren't being utilized. By identifying unused software, you can reallocate copies to users who truly need them, or renegotiate software contracts so they reflect actual usage—saving your organization significant amounts of money.

Don’t Take OUR Word for it…

Here's what our customers say about Express Software Manager's software usage tracking capabilities:

Tracking software usage has paid for the product tenfold! We saved over $400,000 last year alone!

Lynn Barbour, Configuration and Asset Manager,
Medavie Blue Cross

Express saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars. It has paid for itself many times over. But our return on investment is also in the intangibles… confidence, peace of mind, a sense of control. I would have no problem if we were audited tomorrow.

Leo Gildone, Workstation Team Leader,
Standard Life of Canada

Express Software Manager has saved us nearly $100,000 by preventing continued investment in software we don't need. This is a windfall relative to our out-of-pocket investment in the technology.

Bob Ritger, Director of IT,
Payette Architecture

Now we know the number of software licenses installed and being used at any given time. We know right away which software is not being used, and now can repurpose and reallocate our existing licenses. This certainly adds up to a healthier financial bottom line for us.

Julie Wilkinson, Information Systems Support Lead,
W.W. Williams

Express Metrix was a perfect fit for us… it has already helped us save nearly $500,000 in licensing costs!

Sean Heuchert,Manager of IT
PVNC Catholic School District

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