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By: Expicient  09-12-2011

Tools – ExSuite For Sterling Commerce « Expicient Inc.


ExSniffer delivers the power IBM / Sterling implementers need to identify and document the extent of customizations in an existing IBM / Sterling installation instance. Often, in any IBM / Sterling DOM or WMS implementation there are many database extensions and customizations (e.g. custom apis, db extensions, user exits, custom transactions etc.) that go undocumented. This tool tracks the db extensions and their use in customization, services and implemented user exits. The tool generates reports for application management engineers as well as support staff involved in regular maintenance and upgrades of the solution.


ExTest is a testing tool that automates regression testing for IBM / Sterling OMS implementations. This tool will run automated test cases on each QA build. In addition, the tool can run a complete regression test in a fraction of the time compared to what it would take for individual testers to run manually. The tool not only helps reduce the time to test, but can also be utilized during design and proof of concept stage. ExTest can be configured to run the same suite of tests on multiple IBM / Sterling test environments avoiding duplication of effort.


ExTract is a Publishing and reporting framework to report and publish the rich amounts of data generated by a typical IBM / Sterling Order Management System. This tool helps to reduce the amount of custom code required for a IBM / Sterling implementation, eliminates inconsistencies and reduces the time to deliver a reporting solution. Some of the highlights of the tool are

  • Asynchronous communications between OMS and external systems can be achieved without writing any custom code.
  • Minimal to no custom code results in reduced testing required
  • The Publish service runs as a background agent which can significantly improve the performance of the system
  • ExUtils

    ExUtils is a library consisting of all common utilities that can be used by any IBM / Sterling developer for customization of IBM / Sterling in a typical OMS implementation. The library contains common methods for XML parsing, date/calendar processing , common inventory , pricing , payment processing related functions etc.

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