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By: Expartus Inc  09-12-2011
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We recognize that our business school clients are extremely busy, work long hours, and have little time to devote to the tenuous MBA application process. This is why we purposely customize our services to meet our clients exactly where they are and help them manage the stress of applying while enabling them to be very productive in the least amount of time possible. We offer our clients the flexibility of an hourly option, customized packages and retainers.

Examples of EXPARTUS® services you will receive:

  • Assist you in selecting MBA programs that are the best fit based on your goals and interests
  • Help you brainstorm essay topics that best fit each MBA program that you apply to and provide in-depth essay review and essay editing with thematic and positional feedback
  • Assess and refine your personal brand through the EXPARTUS® Personal Brand Audit process enabling you to successfully Brand Your Way to an MBA®
  • Design an application schedule to eliminate procrastination and to keep you on track to meet all your application deadlines
  • Provide you with admissions insider-perspective that removes the guesswork from the entire application process
  • Coach you on how to select your recommenders and how to get them to write you exceptional recommendation letters
  • Refine your resume to appeal to the MBA Admissions Committee
  • Prepare you for your MBA interview through in-depth simulated interview sessions and provide you with feedback on areas of improvement
  • Assist with fellowship applications and funding research
  • Advice you on Test Prep resources
  • Assist with waitlist and reapplication strategies

Keywords: business school, Mba, Mba Application

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