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By: Expartus Inc  09-12-2011
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Application to selective universities is at an all time high and many schools are admitting the lowest percentage of applicants in their history. Harvard reported nearly 35,000 applications for the class of 2015, which is about a 15% increase from last year’s record of 30, 489 and accepted only 6.9%; Yale received a record 27,230 applications, a 5% increase from last year, and admitted just 7.5% of applicants. This trend holds true for other top schools beyond the Ivies.

At EXPARTUS®, we understand that such competition leaves applicants with significant stress and we take a proactive approach to help parents and their children navigate the competitive world of college admission. Our service is comprehensive and involves a thorough understanding of your child’s strengths and weaknesses, interests and talents, needs and educational objectives. We then help your child to develop a winning admissions strategy by identifying, developing, and marketing his/her personal brand. We begin working with clients from as early as 9th grade, continuing through the senior year.

Starting early to plan for college allows you to manage the stressful application process effectively by ensuring that you develop the critical ingredients necessary to gain admission to selective educational institutions.

Examples of EXPARTUS® services you will receive:

  • Assist you to research programs and guide you with the selection of your school choices (to ensure a balanced set of school options from safety to reach schools)
  • Brainstorm, proofread and edit your college essays
  • Help you select and pursue the most rigorous academic program where you will thrive (for example, we provide guidance selecting between the IB and AP options)
  • Develop your brag sheet (resume)
  • Assist you to select your extracurricular activities, summer plans, and employment to ensure that you engage in activities that fit with your passion and differentiate you from your competition
  • Prepare you for your campus visits and interviews
  • Advise you on the right teachers/coaches to write strong letters of recommendations on your behalf
  • Recommend test prep resources
  • Mentor you as you transition from high school to college
  • Identify, develop and refine your personal brand
  • Assist with financial aid assessment and scholarship applications

Keywords: schools

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The hour-long consultation enables you to understand our unique admission approach while providing us with an opportunity to understand your personal and/or professional background as well as your goals for the future. Our clients are primarily high schools students and their parents seeking admission to the best universities and professionals seeking admission to the top MBA and executive MBA programs globally.


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This is why we purposely customize our services to meet our clients exactly where they are and help them manage the stress of applying while enabling them to be very productive in the least amount of time possible. Help you brainstorm essay topics that best fit each MBA program that you apply to and provide in-depth essay review and essay editing with thematic and positional feedback.


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