DataVideo Mobile Video Studios

By: Expandore  09-12-2011

  • Complete integrated solution with six Composite Video, and two DVI-D inputs.

  • Optional DV Board also two DV25 (IEEE-1394) inputs

  • Three Composite Video and multiple Auxiliary output.

  • Optional DV Board also one DV25 (IEEE-1394) output

  • The flexible outputs makes it easy to connect the HS-600 to external devices such as large screens, recorders, streaming and more - all at the same time

  • Dual Picture-In-Picture function

  • 17-inch high quality TFT LED Multi-View screen for each input, as well as Program & Preview Features include audio peak-meter; adjustments for brightness, contrast, colour saturation and backlight - ideal for outdoor use

  • Built in RS-232 & GPI control interface allows you to control external devices

  • Hot key functions, allow quick access to vital functions including fade to solid colour, instant key, and more