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By: Expanding Enterprises  09-12-2011
Keywords: NLP

We have designed a number of unique NLP practice tools.  These include two different sets of "practice cards" to help you master the more challenging language patterns from Master Practitioner training - Presuppositional Forms and Sleight-of-Mouth.  We also have a set of separate set of cards to remind therapists to utilize different "filters" and skills from the various NLP models.  By using these small cards as reminders or practice tools, you increase your ability to utilize language patterns and other skills from Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  

We also list the brand new NLP textbook, "Beliefs and the Structure of Prejudice" on this page! 
(Only available through Expanding Enterprises, Inc.)

This book, authored by our president, contains a brand new way of categorizing and working with language patterns. It begins by diagramming belief systems, and then demonstrates how to know which language patterns to use for different types of individuals. Combined with the ability to diagram beliefs, the power of language patterns becomes much more available to you in your communications. You will also learn how prejudice is built into every belief we form.

Ethical Influence for Social Workers, Managers and Healthcare Workers
Beliefs and The Structure of Prejudice
Making Goals More Achievable
Treating Ambivalence and Incongruence
Learning How to Enjoy Life More - A Brain Owner's Manual
Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Cognitive Design
Learning to Relax - QUICKLY!

3.) [Currently under construction as we revise the tapes and CDs to be more recent examples of improved presentations.]

We present a number of different training topics, and we have gathered and edited our best presentations of materials to offer you examples of our lecture and presentation style.  These digitally recorded and professionally edited tapes/CD's bring your topic more "alive" by adding exercises and other opportunities for listener participation and trainer communication that goes beyond the printed page.

While we sincerely believe that there is no substitution for practice and mastery of these skills by learning and applying them with others, we also sell our training manuals separately from our training programs.  You can also purchase a manual to examine a training, then receive credit for your manual purchase if you later choose to take the full training.  

Keywords: NLP