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By: Existing Elements  09-12-2011
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Redesign: We will showcase your home's best features and create a visual and emotional experience using your existing furniture, artwork and accessories. Redesign is not merely moving of the furniture and accessories, it takes careful analysis of the room's architecture, the family's usage of the room, and the nature of the furniture and accessories.
It includes a lengthy process of evaluation and shopping the home for other items that might be incorporated into the design. Our goals are always to work solely with what you already own, however, there maybe a need for you (or for us) to shop later to add to the design for a really finished and professional look.
Real Estate Staging: We will prepare your home for sale so that the home's best features are showcased and any problem areas are minimized. It is our responsibility to look at your home through the "buyer's eyes".
You only have a few seconds to make a good first impression on a buyer when selling your home. Buying decisions are made on a emotional level, so a properly staged home has an excellent chance of making the best overall impression compared to similarly priced homes. Real Estate Staging increases your home's chances for a quicker sale and at the highest price.

Additional Services we offer:

  • Interior Decorating
  • Decluttering / Organizing
  • Packing / Unpacking for Moves
  • Curb Appeal Services
  • Painting
    Who can benefit from these services?:
  • Anyone who feels their home needs a change

  • People who have nice things but don't know how to use them

  • Someone who has problem rooms (small, odd angled, etc.)

  • Singles or couples just starting out

  • Second marriages combining different styles of furniture

  • Anyone downsizing and needing to edit out furniture

  • Anyone wanting their home to look its best for a party

  • People moving to a new home with their existing furniture

  • People who do not know how to display collectibles

  • Those who need to work furniture around a wheelchair or walker

  • Haven for Healing - anyone needing a comfortable and harmonious space to help focus on wellness and recovery.

  • Homeowners preparing property for sale

  • Anyone wanting to give a unique gift certificate

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