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By: Exetechs  09-12-2011

Front-Office Systems

At exetechs, we firmly believe in dedicating principles of Lean manufacturing to our Front-Office systems.  Identifying issues on a production floor can be fairly straightforward - part shortages, excess inventory and routing issues are very visible.  But what about the front-office?  How much time and money is wasted on paperwork, inaccurate information and poor communication?  In some companies, a very large amount indeed.

We look at our systems as a way for you to streamline your business and take advantage of best practices for information processing.  All of our systems allow for mult-user access with real-time data updates, guaranteeing your team shares the same up-to-date information all the time.  No more waiting for an e-mail in your inbox or Post-it™ Note on the side of your computer.

Here's how our front-office systems help you get work done faster and more efficiently:

We understand how important it is to be able to enter date into a system. But where our systems truly excel is allowing you to extract information out ofthe system. Just having data is not enough in today's information age.  Knowing what you have and being able to analyze the data is essential to your business. We include charts, digital dashboards and extensive reports in with our custom grid-based analysis to allow you to see your daat in any format you want.  Want to filter your results by any field?  We can do that.  Want to group and subtotal on any aspect of your data?  Already done.  With Exetechs custom front-office systems, you can be sure that you'll have the information you need at a moments notice.

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Exetechs - Custom Editors

For common fields, simply start typing in the first few letters of the data and the lookpup field will automatically filter based on your criteria. We want to make sure you can focus on the task at hand and not have your computer be a burden to success. Sales dates, shipment dates, production dates, timecard information - they are everywhere. Our lookup editors are the best in the business. Date & Date Range Editors.


Exetechs - Front-Office Systems - Web Applications

Using state of the art programming techniques, software and hardware systems, we can provide a complete, web solution to your needs. We have created web-based solutions for publishing companies, manufacturers and healthcare industries. Improve communictation by using a customer portal to share information with your clients. We build completely web-enabled databases to run your software right on the internet.


Exetechs - Microsoft Office Solutions

Since that time, Exetechs programmers have created dynamic MS Office solutions for commodity traders, manufacturers, healthcare professionals and other business leaders. Exetechs is a Microsoft partner and Steve Holmes, our founder, started creating MS Office solutions back in 1993. One of his very first applications was built using MS Excel 3.0 and macros.


Exetechs - Scheduling

The dynamic page layouts allow you to change the range of dates you are looking at very quickly, while the core Schedule updates information in real-time. Editing information bound to dates is as easy as dragging and dropping data with your mouse. Our scheduling components allow you to select an event and reschedule it with ease.